A Winning Combination


GTECH, the largest global lottery business, and IGT, the world leader in the gaming equipment space, are merging to create the world's leading end-to-end gaming company. By adopting the IGT name and GTECH's visual identity, we're melding two iconic brands into one. Together, we'll be uniquely positioned to provide the government-sponsored and commercial gaming industry with proven solutions across the entire continuum of products and channels.

By combining our resources, expertise, and experience, we will help grow and shape the future of our industry. Through a combination of new technology and innovative content, we will be a valuable partner to customers the world over, delivering exciting gaming experiences – commercial gaming, lottery, interactive, and social – through every channel, including retail, web, and mobile.

Best-in-class content. Expert insight on convergence. Industry-leading R&D. Superior financial strength. The most efficient manufacturing in the industry. The most flexible, secure, and robust systems on the market. New gaming possibilities for anytime, anywhere. A bold, player-centric vision of the future. All driven by our Customer First focus – a commitment that continues as a core value. Stay tuned as we share more details of our Winning Combination in the weeks to come.


SAS Protocol

IGT pioneered gaming machine communications over 18 years ago with the introduction of the Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol. Initially designed to automate slot machine meter reporting and event logging, SAS has steadily evolved over the years to meet the needs of the industry, including player tracking, bonusing, ticketing and cashless gaming.

SAS has become the de-facto casino communications standard because of its availability to all manufacturers in the industry. The Gaming Standards Association (GSA), representing a broad range of gaming industry manufacturers and operators, adopted SAS 6 as a recognized communications standard for the industry in July of 2002.

The latest version of the protocol is SAS 6.02, which is fully backward compatible with all previous versions. SAS 6.02 complies with the latest Nevada Gaming Control Board Technical Standards for gaming machine accounting, as well as providing complete multi-game and multi-denomination accounting. SAS 6.02 also supports all of the features currently required for a modern casino, including Ticket In/Ticket Out (TITO), system bonusing and cashless gaming.

  • TITO allows a player to move funds easily between gaming machines of different denominations. Players can spend more time playing, and less time redeeming coins and waiting for hopper refills.
  • System bonusing enables a casino to reward players with spontaneous jackpots and incentives delivered directly to the gaming machine.
  • Advanced Funds Transfer (AFT) is IGT's secure technology for transferring funds between a gaming machine and a casino accounting system. Cashable funds transfer allows the casino to offer an in-house player debit card account, providing another way for the player to easily move funds from one machine to another. Cashable promotional and non-cashable promotional funds transfer capabilities support sophisticated casino promotions and player loyalty rewards. The system can even instruct the gaming machine to print a ticket for transferred funds, allowing special promotional awards or enhanced confirmation of the delivery of funds.

Over 400 gaming machine and system vendors and regulators worldwide have received SAS 6.02 so far. IGT continues to work diligently to provide ongoing support for the SAS protocol, and assist with the efforts of GSA. You can request further information by sending an e-mail to