My Rich Uncle® Video Reel

Game King - Video Reel: 5-Reel, 9-Line

Celebrating the lowest form of greed, the My Rich Uncle® video slot throws unselfishness right out the window.  This 5-reel, 9-line game follows those darn gold-digging so-called "friends" and shirttail relatives just waiting for Uncle Mega Bux to croak, so they can get their hands on his fortune.

The Will Reading Bonus

  • Triggered when two, three, or four Uncle Mega Bux symbols land on a payline
  • Our lawyer doles out the goods to Uncle Mega Bux's family
  • After you select one of the hopeful beneficiaries, the game displays the item the selected character is hoping to inherit
  • The attorney then proceeds to award Bux's credit-laden assets
  • Each time the selected character inherits something, that object's credit value is added to your bonus win
  • If the selected character is awarded their dream item, your cumulative bonus credit amount is doubled

The Safe Scatter Pay

  • If three, four, or five Safe symbols hit in a scatter pay, you select one of the safes to find out what's inside
  • The game awards the safe's bonus credit amount

Game Matrix

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