A Winning Combination


GTECH, the largest global lottery business, and IGT, the world leader in the gaming equipment space, are merging to create the world's leading end-to-end gaming company. By adopting the IGT name and GTECH's visual identity, we're melding two iconic brands into one. Together, we'll be uniquely positioned to provide the government-sponsored and commercial gaming industry with proven solutions across the entire continuum of products and channels.

By combining our resources, expertise, and experience, we will help grow and shape the future of our industry. Through a combination of new technology and innovative content, we will be a valuable partner to customers the world over, delivering exciting gaming experiences – commercial gaming, lottery, interactive, and social – through every channel, including retail, web, and mobile.

Best-in-class content. Expert insight on convergence. Industry-leading R&D. Superior financial strength. The most efficient manufacturing in the industry. The most flexible, secure, and robust systems on the market. New gaming possibilities for anytime, anywhere. A bold, player-centric vision of the future. All driven by our Customer First focus – a commitment that continues as a core value. Stay tuned as we share more details of our Winning Combination in the weeks to come.


My Rich Uncle® Video Reel

Game King - Video Reel: 5-Reel, 9-Line

Celebrating the lowest form of greed, the My Rich Uncle® video slot throws unselfishness right out the window.  This 5-reel, 9-line game follows those darn gold-digging so-called "friends" and shirttail relatives just waiting for Uncle Mega Bux to croak, so they can get their hands on his fortune.

The Will Reading Bonus

  • Triggered when two, three, or four Uncle Mega Bux symbols land on a payline
  • Our lawyer doles out the goods to Uncle Mega Bux's family
  • After you select one of the hopeful beneficiaries, the game displays the item the selected character is hoping to inherit
  • The attorney then proceeds to award Bux's credit-laden assets
  • Each time the selected character inherits something, that object's credit value is added to your bonus win
  • If the selected character is awarded their dream item, your cumulative bonus credit amount is doubled

The Safe Scatter Pay

  • If three, four, or five Safe symbols hit in a scatter pay, you select one of the safes to find out what's inside
  • The game awards the safe's bonus credit amount

Game Matrix

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