Game King® 6.1 Keno

AVP-Multi-Game: Multi-Game

Treat yourself to a richer gaming experience when you play Game King®  Keno. You'll find as many as 14 of your favorite keno games on one machine, giving you an array of options you're sure to enjoy.

Choose from such favorites as:

2-4-6 Way Keno

3-6-9 Way Keno

Caveman Keno®

Caveman Plus Keno

Cleopatra®  Keno*

Extra Draw Keno

Four Card Keno

Multi-Card Keno®

Power Keno® *

Spot Keno*

Super Keno

Super Way Keno

Top Bottom Keno

Triple Power  Keno

*May includes progressive jackpot capabilities.

A variety of bonus games gives you more ways to wager and win. Accelerate the excitement by playing multiple cards on multi-card games.

Game Matrix

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