Triple Wheel Poker™ - Video Poker

AVP: Multi-Hand


A brand new spin on video poker.

Triple Wheel Poker

  • Classic Triple Play™ Five Play® Ten Play™ poker offers a player-favorite video poker experience, with the addition of a new wheel spin bonus
  • Players are awarded a single spin on one of three virtual wheels based on the dealt winning hand:
    • A virtual wheel slides down from the top box based on the awarded hand when players are at maximum bet with an additional side bet
    • Three of a kind awards a bronze wheel spin, a straight or flush awards a silver wheel spin, and a four of a kind or full house awards a gold wheel spin
    • Players have the ability to win up to an additional 10,000 credits
  • Higher wheel categories trigger more valuable wheel spins
  • First video poker theme to truly integrate use of the top glass with the wheel spin feature, keeping players engaged
  • First virtual multi-wheel product for video poker, a proven player-favorite
    game feature


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