Cleopatra® - Video Slot

AVP: 5-Reel 20-Line 40-Credit


Cleopatra® 5R20L40C AVP Video Reel


Take a trip down the Nile with Cleopatra® video slots, and experience the mysteries of ancient Egypt! Just as this passionate ruler captivated Rome's great generals, she's certain to keep you spellbound.

This 9-line or 20-line game produces exotic Middle Eastern music and the sultry voice of Cleopatra herself, charming you with phrases such as "Look into my eyes" and "I wish you great prosperity."

Reel symbols are straight out of ancient Egypt, including a scarab, a hieroglyphic eye, a flail, a cartouche, and stylized poker symbols. Animated flaming Sphinx symbols indicate scatter pays, and the Cleopatra® bonus rewards players with 15 free games with all wins 3 times the normal value.

Take a journey into the past with the enchanting and powerful Cleopatra® video slots.


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