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Putting the Service into Global Services! IGT is much more than game-changing titles and technology. We also offer world-class Global Services
that keep you up and running, ahead of the game.

Field Services - When expertise counts, IGT is there.

IGT Field Services has you covered.

Some people might worry about machine uptime. Not you. You've got support from experts who have the full backing of the IGT enterprise. It doesn't matter if it's the installation of a single machine or a full labor and parts program.

Want support you can count on?

IGT uses highly trained and skilled professionals to consistently deliver quality work. We provide responsive service through onsite, online access and phone support services.

Leave it to the pros.

IGT Rent-A-Tech is a project driven resource, scheduled in advance with Field Services. This service provides customers with skilled labor for specific, time bound project support. Maybe you're dealing with a floor-wide conversion, or a major machine move. Who knows, you could even need additional support during go-live activities. Regardless of your situation, you can rest easy knowing that you've got onsite support provided by trained pros.

The perfect solution to any machine issue.

When operators lack resources, knowledge or logistics to solve the issue, there's no need to panic. The largest support organization in the industry is on your side thanks to our break-fix services. In no time, an experienced and qualified technician, with the full backing of the IGT enterprise, will jump in to help save the day.

Ready to lend a hand or two.

For a 12-month or longer engagement, Staffing Augmentation is customized to meet your long term machine service needs. When outsourcing is an option to augment your staff, IGT technicians can assist with assuring the highest uptime of your EGMs.

You've got it made.

IGT takes care of the delivery, installation and configuration of your game. When the time comes for upgrades for additional capacity and capability, trained professionals are available to get the job done at lightning speed.

Depot Services - Run a casino floor at optimal capacity.

Increase business value, decrease costs.

Running at optimal capacity is exactly why we created IGT Depot Services, your single source solution for machine parts. Whether your parts strategy calls for larger inventories or just-in-time repair, Depot Services has your needs covered. So relax.

  • Interested in running more efficiently?
  • Reduce inventories and associated costs
  • Eliminate compliance risks associated with parts
  • Improve uptime with our fast and dependable turnaround
  • Repaired or exchanged parts will be of the highest quality, using authentic IGT certified materials
  • Backed with a 180-day warranty

IGT Depot Services is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has highly trained professionals you can depend on. That means you get quality work on time, every time. Products include BV’s, printers, monitors and electronic assemblies such as brain boxes, pcb boards, servers, progressive controllers, player tracking and associated assemblies. You can bet there are more where those came from.

Keep your parts inventory running like new.

Nothing gets more out of your parts inventory than Parts Repair. From monitors to bill validators to sound systems, IGT can repair and return your damaged IGT machine and system hardware parts. IGT’s repair process is ISO certified and repair technicians are highly trained to repair the parts you need. That means you can keep your operation humming at the highest capacity.

Because you need it now.

Most of the time the only answer to “How fast do you need it?” is “ASAP.” That’s why Parts Exchange gets the replacement part you need expedited to you whenever you need it. So forget about worrying over expensive new part inventories. We’ll ship your replacement part usually within 24 hours.

Relax, we got you covered. All certified pre-owned and exchanged parts used in Parts Repair and Parts Exchange come with a 180-day warranty.

Support Services - Maximize systems performance.

Prepare to shift business value into overdrive.

Everyone likes more choices, and that’s exactly what our Support Services offers you. In addition to our existing world-class product support, IGT is now offering 3 value added services aimed at optimizing system performance and ensuring strategic alignment of your system with your business needs.

Innovation backed by solid service.

Protect your IGT Systems investment with an IGT Systems Maintenance Plan. Profit from the benefits designed to minimize downtime and maximize returns.

Included in the plan:

  • Licensed software and access to innovative new features
  • Expert Technical System Support available 24/7/365
  • Online tools including ticket automation and search capabilities
Lead the way.

Technical Account Managers proactively work with operators as a trusted advisor, providing input to strategic and tactical planning efforts.

  • Proactively communicates information about
    IGT products and services
  • Manages high priority escalations and requests
  • Frames and conducts Quarterly Service Reviews
  • Shares knowledge and technology best practices
  • Provides insight into training opportunities
Be proactive.

A Systems Health Check analyzes your systems and identifies areas impacting operational performance. This service includes evaluation of the relative health, a findings report of the system checked, and a recommended remediation plan with severity levels for issues discovered during the analysis.

  • Identifies areas of the system needing attention
  • Specifies any system configurations that need adjustment
  • Recommends maintenance and monitoring best practices
  • Provides findings report to assist with remediation
Improve performance and reliability.

Restore system operations to optimal performance by remediating problems identified in the Systems Health Check.

  • Experienced IGT System engineers perform the Tune-Up for you
  • Reduce service interruptions by being more proactive with system care
  • Helps augment existing plans and resources related to system maintenance

Integration Services - Expertise for upgrades and messaging.

IGT Systems Integration is the best.

Looking to leverage the industry leader in bringing value to your floor? IGT Systems Integration is the best. We not only install and upgrade cutting edge systems and technology into your casino, but configure and tune it to your functional needs.

Looking for business value?

  • Upgrades of IGT systems performed and configured by IGT mean greater performance, and features for your floor
  • Messaging across devices to inform, communicate, and delight your customers
Bold technology aligned to your business needs.

SystemCare is designed to assist customers with the adoption of their newly installed IGT Advantage® casino management system. Long term satisfaction of systems investments is often determined within the first six months of implementation. That’s why IGT provides SystemCare – a prescribed set of post installation activities designed to help your team close knowledge gaps, increase performance and accelerate time-to-value.

  • Identify and remediate gaps in IT and operations
  • Align system features to your strategic business needs
  • Adopt Industry best practices to streamline processes
  • Ease transition from go-live to steady state operations
Safely migrate to the next release of IGT system software.

Software upgrades require major planning, risk assessment, and careful execution. Gain peace of mind knowing that your upgrade is performed by trained professionals underpinned by the strength of the IGT enterprise.

System upgrade capabilities are a core competency of our business model. We provide strong project management practices, System experience, and a proven deployment process to successfully upgrade your software to the latest version.

Maximize the player experience.

Packages of custom content designed to message across service window and other player facing displays:

  • Branded flair
  • Bonusing
  • Floor wide messaging that drives excitement
  • Property specific information on offerings, attributes and amenities

Education Services - Professional training, certification and mentoring.

Maximize returns and player enjoyment.

Systems and games are constantly evolving—shouldn’t your knowledge be evolving with them? To maximize returns and player enjoyment, a more educated operator is a more effective operator. The operator who benefits the most is the one who knows how to use, support and optimize emerging technology and the new class of Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs).

Give your operators an educational upgrade.

Your operators' knowledge boost starts with the IGT University catalog. Operators can choose from a variety of IGT Systems and EGM classes to enhance their knowledge of how to utilize, maintain and best employ these products.

*Training classes are offered in a classroom setting.

The ticket to success.

The IGT University offers the opportunities for position specific certifications, and to be certified by tiers.

  • IGT Specialist - For those new to the gaming industry or transitioning to a new department.
  • IGT Expert - Focusing on best-in-class operations and service practices.
  • IGT Master - Expanded understanding of IGT products to the highest available level.

*Certification classes are offered in a classroom setting.

Learn from the best.

The Mentoring service is a customized comprehensive program designed for one main purpose—to improve the way existing IGT Advantage and EZ Pay customers make use of their systems. Using IGT resources, it will encompass detailed training, specific troubleshooting and recommendations for increasing efficiencies within each area engaged.

Consulting Services - Management solutions & optimization.

Management solutions & optimization.

When you’re looking for the best way to enhance your operations and player experiences, there’s only one solution - IGT’s Consulting Services.

Our dedicated business unit is comprised of gaming professionals with over 75 years of varied casino operational experience. We’ll work with you to identify opportunities and provide recommendations to enhance player experiences, streamline operations and increase operational efficiency. It’s all fueled by the level of insight you’ll only get with IGT.

Get more from your floor.

Designing an optimal floor layout and mix can be one of the most challenging aspects of a casino operation. But it’s also the most critical. Simply put, the better the layout and mix is, the better your bottom line.

Our skilled team will gather information about your players, competitive situation, facility and cabinets you own. This ensures the final result is an ideal mix of slot machines targeted towards the most important gaming market of them all—yours.

Each customized plan is drawn to scale and displays every game type, cabinet style and location. We can even incorporate signage, game data (e.g. progressive features, denomination, section number, game number and descriptions), cash cages, booths, restrooms, entrances/ exits and dining and beverage establishments into the plan. 2D, 3D and 4D designs are used to create design plans to give you a vivid picture of your design.

Make sure our CMS is a MVP.

You know how valuable a Casino Management System (CMS) is to casino operations. Marketing Services specialists will observe key operational variables and develop valuable recommendations to help optimize overall system use and practices. We also check out system configuration settings and critical system reports to determine areas of concern and opportunity. Once the evaluation is complete, the team will deliver an executive summary with strategic and tactical recommendations for implementing practices to streamline operations.

Interested in bonusing application implementation? We specialize in that, too. Everything from initial concept to post-analysis. This service includes:

  • Determine strategic objective of the bonus
  • Analysis to determine appropriate player reinvestment
  • Configuration and best practices
  • Employee and Patron Communications plans
  • Branded display content
  • Property LCD display and lighting concept integration
  • Post go-live check-up and analysis

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