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Lottery Growth Partners

IGT’s Lottery Growth Partners is a team of best-in-class lottery professionals from across the globe assembled to advise lotteries on key facets of product development, distribution, retail operations and consumer marketing to responsibly optimize revenue and enhance lottery profits.

Lottery Growth Partners’ unprecedented level of understanding and commitment has produced sustainable, responsible growth for our partners in the United States, Europe and Latin America as well as for the world’s largest lottery, Lottomatica in Italy.

A Unique Perspective

We are not consultants, we are lottery people. In partnership with lottery leadership within government, IGT’s team have created products, developed incentive plans and executed marketing strategies that motivate retailers and attract new players to participate in the world’s most successful lotteries.

Our unique hands-on, field-based experience fuels the collaboration that delivers success to our lottery partners whether we are consulting on a single project or working with lotteries that have chosen to outsource some or all of their operations. IGT’s Lottery Growth Partners work in collaboration with lotteries to build a customized solution, enabling us to more efficiently deliver sales and bottom-line profit. We integrate our team’s resource with those of our lottery partners to ensure a common vision, alignment of goals and  incremental revenue to good causes.

Finding Synergies to Drive Revenue

We leverage decades of industry experience across the value chain. We can bundle the following services into a complete end-to-end solution; managing the lottery on behalf of governments, or offer  them individually to complement the lottery’s existing operations:

Sales Management

  • Fuse retail recruitment program for retail channel expansion
  • Springboard new retailer development program
  • Accelerator salesforce management and development program

Game Development Planning

  • Business analysis and player research
  • Growth strategy and business planning
  • Game portfolio management and product development

Retail Solutions

  • EDGE merchandising optimization program
  • Path to purchase channel planning
  • Shopper marketing and merchandising execution

Consumer Promotion

  • Interactive / digital channel games and programs
  • Marketing strategy and advertising management
  • Responsible gaming certification

Lottery Growth Partners

Brain Storming

Retail Hands On

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