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Flexible Retail Solutions

Retail Focused Solutions

Options are good. IGT’s full line of terminals, printers, and in-lane sales and accounting solutions offer best practices and flexibility across all retail and chain store operations. 

  • Altura Flex

    Altura™ Flex

    Smaller Footprint.  Bigger Screen.  Altura Flex offers technological and design innovations to enhance user experience and performance.  The depth is reduced by 3 inches (76.2mm) compared to proven GT1200. Flex offers our largest screen ever at 15.6 inches and state-of-the-art touchscreen technologies for clear, crisp graphics and precise touch response. Altura Flex is designed to deliver a modern and efficient experience to lottery retailers while using less counter space.

  • Imagine GT1100 Retail Terminal


    Picture this. The Imagine™ GT1100 camera-based terminal is a robust, full-function lottery terminal that combines digital-camera technology with IGT’s exclusive ImageCam™ software to scan playslips and process validations. With its solid-state scanning functionality and the absence of moving parts, the Imagine GT1100 requires minimal maintenance, which leads to increased retailer productivity and maximum uptime.

  • Accutherm Ultra Printer

    AccuTherm™ Ultra

    Speed counts. The AccuTherm™ Ultra is the fastest lottery printer available and it’s loaded with features that retailers appreciate. With its quiet printing, sharp and dark images, easy-load features, advanced thermal technology, optimized receipt stacker, and space-saving form, the AccuTherm Ultra is the perfect complement to our family of retailer terminals. Other key features include True Type font, translucent paper roll cover for easy viewing of paper level, and paper jam deflector for continuous operation.

  • Gemini Touch

    Gemini™ Touch

    Gemini Touch represents the future of lottery self-service vending by providing a more immersive player experience though its 42-inch high-definition touch monitor. These “attract” screens provide a dynamic blank canvas that enables personalization of machines and an enhanced presence. Through this engaging user interface, the Gemini Touch can display and sell up to 28 instant games and a full complement of draw-based games while offering an array of new features, such as cashless payment and pick your own numbers. In addition, increased flexibility and innovative technology ensure optimal sales.

    Ticket display locations can be modified to adapt to fluctuations in demand, inventory and market conditions, and real-time business intelligence enables efficient analysis of patterns and trends for informed decision-making. In short, two decades of experience, a best-in-class User Experience design and state-of-the-art technology make Gemini Touch the most sophisticated and highest-performing self-service solution available today.

  • Gemini Ultra

    Gemini™ Ultra

    Ingenuity meets the lottery vending machine (LVM). Gemini™ is our dynamic, and fun-to-play self-service machine in the industry. With its sleek, contemporary look and easy-to-use player interface, Gemini LVMs offer a new sophistication to self-service vending and a buying experience that is intuitive and inviting. Players simply put money in, push a button, and retrieve a ticket. Gemini Ultra is IGT’s full-sized LVM and is equipped with an integrated Aurora™ MultiMedia display. It can accommodate up to six Quick Pick online game buttons and up to 24 instant ticket bins. Gemini solutions capitalize on impulse play and attract new players in a secure, player-friendly package. 

  • Aurora Open Retail

    Aurora™ Open Retail

    The solution is entirely based on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to ensure that the application is separate from the back-end services. This separation not only facilitates faster changes to the solution, but also allows opening up terminal application usage in unconventional devices, including Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).

  • Ticket Scan

    Ticket-Scan™ Plus

    Ticket-Scan™ Plus allows players to easily and securely check the win status of their instant and online tickets while retailers concentrate on selling. Players spend less time waiting in lines and appreciate the quick results and control they have over their tickets. Ticket-Scan Plus supports standard ID and 2D bar code reading and features a 3.5” color graphic liquid crystal display with an optional touch screen. 

  • ESMM

    Aurora™ MultiMedia

    Deliver gaming excitement at the point of sale. Aurora™ MultiMedia is an in-store, flat-panel advertising solution that enables lotteries to manage, distribute, and display vibrant multimedia content (games, lottery advertising, promotions, jackpot updates, and other messages) through a single point of control. Messages formerly communicated exclusively through posters, table toppers, and cardboard displays can now reach players and prospects through bright, animated digital signage. Each show can be composed of a combination of still images, flash animations, video, and dynamic text. 

  • ES COmpact Media Player

    Aurora™ MultiMedia Compact Player

    Offload the graphics processing burden. The Compact Media Player is a compact external device that handles high-end graphics and multimedia for in-store displays. The Media Player easily integrates with IGT’s Altura or Imagine terminals or can be run as an independent network device, storing, managing, and driving graphics for gaming messages, monitor games, and lottery ads. It works seamlessly with IGT’s Aurora™ MultiMedia product suite, supporting Flash, MPEG2, and MPEG4/h264 video and still images (including PNG, JPEG, and GIF). 

  • Mobile Handheld Trminal

    Mobile Handheld Terminal

    Sell tickets on the go. The Mobile Handheld Terminal (MHT) is a small, lightweight, wireless point-of-sale solution equipped with a bar code reader and a thermal printer targeted for mobile lottery sales. Street vendors and retailers can sell instant tickets and draw games, like Lotto, with ease on the streets and in stores, thereby increasing lottery revenues. The MHT offers secure gaming transaction processing and standard terminal reporting. 

  • Compact Validation Terminal

    Compact Validation Terminal

    This small footprint has a big output. The Compact Validation Terminal (CVT) is a cutting-edge lottery terminal in the smallest footprint ever designed for a countertop solution. It’s perfect for small kiosks and for chain stores that offer self-service lottery but don’t want a full-size online terminal. It includes an integrated printer and provides instant and online ticket functionality. The CVT is flexible and scalable enough to be interfaced with a full-size printer for those lotteries requiring such an option. 

  • Aurora™ SmartCount

    Assist retailers with reconciling their instant ticket inventory simply and effectively with SmartCount.

    The specialized application installed on Aurora utilizes an extended-reach or cordless barcode reader.  Retailers simply scan the first ticket barcode when loading a dispenser and then scan the next ticket available for sale at shift change or at end of day to create an automatic record of all tickets sold.

  • Lottery Inside scene

    Lottery Inside

    Leverage the existing infrastructure of a retailer or chain store. Lottery Inside is a highly-scalable, cost-effective solution for multi-lane retail environments that allows retailers to sell and distribute Quick Pick lottery games without a dedicated lottery terminal. Players get ‘one-stop’ access to lottery products. Retailers can provide consumers the lottery products they want without adding to the checkout time or the workload of the clerks. Lottery Inside creates an in-lane solution to expand lottery sales specifically for multi-lane environments that is easy and convenient for all. 

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