Fostering Sustainable Operations

IGT partners with many entities to lay the foundation for sustainable operations. From suppliers to customers, sustainability efforts are supported with strong business practices and processes that are continuously fine-tuned to ensure long term success.

Growing with our Supply Chain

IGT promotes responsible behaviour along the supply chain through adherence to a specific code of conduct for suppliers. IGT ensures that its suppliers meet high economic, ethical and environmental standards as outlined in the Company’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Code of Conduct Repository

Modern Slavery Act

The U.K. Modern Slavery Act requires large organizations and companies to disclose the steps taken to ensure that slavery is not taking place in any of its supply chains nor in any part of its own business. IGT has disclosed the Company’s steps and goals on this important issue.

MSA Archive

Caring for the Environment

IGT is committed to complying with accepted environmental practices, including the promise to meet or exceed applicable legal and certification requirements. The Company strives to continually improve its environmental management systems and reduce its environmental impact. IGT carries out programs to reduce emissions and energy consumption and increase energy efficiency, according to a responsible and careful management of manufacturing processes, distribution activities, and material use. The Company also minimizes the impact of waste production and ensures the efficient use of water.

Climate Change and Use of Natural Resources Awareness

IGT makes an effort to reduce our impact on climate change through the more efficient use of energy resources, and the adoption of mitigation measures. The Company also strives to promote a more efficient and conscious use of natural resources, increasing over time the share of recycled and recyclable materials in our processes.

Interacting with Our Customers

Trust is an essential, and often invisible, ingredient of success in the gaming industry. As a global leader, IGT has gained the trust of customers thanks to its integrity and compliance with laws and regulations in all jurisdictions where the Company operates.

As a matter of fact, interacting with customers can be considered an essential element of IGT’s sustainability practices. The Company takes stock of customers’ priorities and goals and carries out a stakeholder engagement process with the goal of delivering the most-suited solutions to address the collective needs.

Responding to Our Customers’ Needs

Listening to and meeting customers’ needs across the world is a challenge, as customers differ in terms of size, services required, and status, from state lotteries and regional gaming halls to local gaming retailers and single players. Needs also vary in terms of jurisdiction-specific regulations and agreements at both the national and local levels. The COVID-19 pandemic presented a challenge due to the lockdown restrictions of gaming halls and retail shops. While embracing such complexity, IGT increasingly fine-tuned aspects of serving its customers, pursuing excellence in its processes as well as through its people.