Valuing and Protecting our People​

IGT values, respects, and appreciates the contributions of its employees who work across the globe, and who truly represent a multicultural environment where individual beliefs and needs are respected.

Fostering a Positive Organizational Climate

IGT is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities and supports an environment that allows everyone to express their potential. Diversity and inclusion are valued and embedded throughout the organization.

A Safe and Inclusive Environment

IGT’s leadership implements the resources needed to make the work environment welcoming for all employees.

This includes listening to employee feedback and accommodating emerging needs, as well as supporting key initiatives that promote a safe, healthy, and inclusive work environment.

Workplace Health and Safety

IGT is committed to providing, maintaining and promoting a safe, healthy and productive work environment for all employees, and ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental health and safety regulations.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused even further prioritization on health protection and a review of the ways of working to ensure the health and safety of employees.

Protecting Human Rights

IGT adheres to the principles set by the International Labor Organization Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in the countries where it operates. IGT publishes its Modern Slavery Statement in accordance with the 2015 Modern Slavery Act, as part of the UK’s efforts to prevent modern slavery in the businesses of large organizations and their supply chains.

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Equal Employment Opportunity & Non-Discrimination

IGT is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment and an environment that values workplace diversity and respect for all employees. This policy applies to all stages of employment, including but not limited to, the application and hiring process.

Diversity and Inclusion

IGT established the Office of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) to guide strategic D&I initiatives to ensure that these topics continue to stay in focus and are embedded throughout business processes. With the support of leadership, IGT’s Global Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion is built on three prongs: people and processes, organizational culture, and customers and communities.

Engaging Our Employees

IGT supports and recognizes the values of being Passionate, Pioneering, Responsible, Authentic, and Collaborative. The Company seeks to create and sustain an environment where employees are encouraged to live these values every day.

Professional Development / Evaluating Performance

Professional development is a partnership between employees, managers, and IGT. Employees drive their professional development with managers’ support, while the Company provides tools, resources, and opportunities. IGT takes a broad approach to learning, leveraging experiential, social, and formal learning to ensure our employees have the skills they need to be successful.

Rewards and Benefits

IGT offers several performance-based programs including the non-monetary Spotlight Program.

The standard benefits for full-time employees include, as a minimum life insurance, health care, disability and invalidity coverage, parental leave, retirement provision, stock ownership and others.

Measuring Engagement

Employee engagement is linked to individual and team performance, customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee retention, quality of service, safety metrics, profitability, and market share growth.

IGT works continuously to better understand how to improve the engagement of its employees.

Every two years IGT measures the level of engagement reported by employees.