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CrystalDual+™ Stepper

A step above the competition.

A sleek new addition to the CrystalDual® family, the CrystalDual+™ Stepper cabinet offers even more content options and player amenities. This beautifully lit, modern gaming machine is designed for ultimate player comfort and distinct recognition. The CrystalDual+™ Stepper cabinet has a contemporary design that demands attention on your floor, intriguing players and encouraging coin in.

  • Custom façade game designs give familiar brands a pronounced appearance on any gaming floor
  • Elegant design grabs players attention while new machine amenities increase time on device

Player Experience

  • Dynamic Player Panel (DPP) Improved game play content
  • Larger mechanical reels, three reel assemblies- 4.25” wide x 9” in diameter
  • Upper LCD that is a full HD 1920x1080 resolution
  • Intelligent cabinet lighting
  • Supports a dedicated Ascent® software content steam

Modern Cabinet Design

  • More ergonomic
  • Large player panel
  • Dual bash buttons that fit nicely in the players hand



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