prodiGi Vu™
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prodiGi Vu™

The prodiGi Vu™ cabinet comes fully equipped with features that greatly enhance the player's experience. Our player-tested design includes optimal screen heights and button panel locations, a wrist rest and increased leg room, all with a design that offers value-driven innovation.

Value-added player experience

prodiGi Vu’s ergonomic design features dual 22" wide LCD screens, multi-channel audio for enhanced and enriched sound quality, standard left- or right-handed play, remote buttons, and award-winning digital buttons.

Innovative technology

Able to receive downloadable content and designed for network gaming, the sensys™ platform is equipped with digital buttons that make the prodiGi Vu design forward-looking.

Flexible design

The powerful sensys platform is built for full graphic and expansion capability. It’s configured to support digital glass, vibrant full-color digital buttons, and a selection of popular peripherals.

Games that come alive

The prodiGi Vu offers a game library that players will truly enjoy. Controllable standard marquee and belly lighting enhance the excitement of bonus rounds, and thrilling animations make the games come to life. Players experience full immersion gaming with dynamic game content.



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