Cardless Connect™

The New Way To Card In

A player sits down and points their phone at the gaming machine. Suddenly, the player display shows the player’s name and point balance. When the player leaves, the app automatically cards them out.

IGT’s new Cardless Connect™ software enables players to card in to an EGM without a physical card, removing a common barrier to play and retaining younger and tech-savvy players.

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Say Hello to Simple

Add value to your casino app with the Cardless Connect™ product, increasing loyalty and positioning your casino on the cutting edge of technology.

Cardless Connect™ isn’t just an app for Millennials. It’s great for locals and frequent players. Lost and forgotten cards are no longer a frustrating barrier to play as smartphones and apps become standard for all demographics. As a bonus, you save on the expenses of printing and re-printing loyalty cards.

Cardless Connect

IGT was the pioneer in TITO. Now, we’re taking ticketing to the next level. Where approved, players can transfer credits with just a few taps on their phone thanks to IGT’s proven EZ Pay® software. Players are used to mobile wallets from Starbucks® and Apple®. The Cardless Connect™ transfer functionality is safe and secure, since funds are never on the phone. Our EZ Pay® software does the heavy lifting of transferring funds from the player’s account to the EGM.

Cardless Connect™ is a new standard in gaming, and we want to ensure that you have the right support in deploying it to your players. We’ve created a suite of materials for both staff education as well as player awareness and trial to help you successfully launch.

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The Mobile Integrated Casino

What if you could identify, register and card in every hot new player on the floor without interrupting their play? A mobile integrated casino experience can help you achieve these kinds of objectives. In this case, Mobile Host allows a host to identify and register the player directly at the EGM. No need to run to the players club for a card – the player cards in with the Cardless Connect™ software in your player-facing app. And this is only one example of how apps, both player-facing and back-of-house, can work together to streamline procedures and create amazing player experiences.

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Cardless Connect

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