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GALAXIS™ offers a powerful casino management tool set to streamline operations and attract, reward and retain players to increase gaming revenues.

With its scalable design, customizable modular integration, and open interface,  GALAXIS™ has solutions and applications to manage all areas of the casino.


    GALAXIS™ CONNECT connects slot machines on the casino floor and provides an in-machine player interface for direct messaging, marketing, and additional applications to the player, right at the slot machine.

    Player applications designed for the touch screen interface include: myBar™, myInfo™, myPromo™, Live Messages, EGM Reservation, and Language Selection support. It works in conjunction with the GALAXIS™ MARKETING loyalty club card and GALAXIS™ CASHLESS payment systems. GALAXIS™ CONNECT is RFID or card reader for staff identification, employs open standards, and is G2S ready.




    GALAXIS™ SLOTS is IGT’S slot management system for fast and efficient slot accounting, monitoring, reporting, and maintenance of the entire slot floor.

    GALAXIS™ SLOTS provides flexible coverage of different international slot accounting operations and complies with regulations worldwide. It covers the largest collection of slot business procedures in the industry. The system is suitable for casinos of most sizes and scales, and is compatible with all slot machine models supporting standard industry protocols. While delivering real-time access to high quality slot floor data, GALAXIS™ SLOTS reduces costs, complexity, and redundancy.




    GALAXIS™ TABLES provides a wide range of automated features that greatly facilitate daily table game operations. It adapts to operators’ business procedures and is the quickest in the market for data input. This translates into enormous time-savings for staff and enables a greater focus on operations, leading to significant cost savings for casino operators.

    DisplayMaster™, a deluxe Roulette display that shows game information and game history on its 22-inch TFT screen, runs multi-media shows and display ticker messages.

    Electronic chip trays, when used in combination with our management system, give a full real-time view of your table float and increases security and efficiency.

    Poker CardGate™ monitors Texas Hold’em Poker tables for Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit tables. It maximizes accuracy, increases productivity, and delivers compelling messages to poker players. A new progressive jackpots feature allows operators to provide the excitement of jackpots to the poker table.




    Casinos are increasingly using cashless payment systems to streamline operations and provide maximum comfort and convenience to players.  When cash wallet™ and qpon cash™ are used together with GALAXIS™ MARKETING, our cashless payment solutions can be used as a marketing tool for player tracking, fund transfers, and loyalty club rewards.




    GALAXIS™ CAGE & CREDIT is a complete vault, front cage, and credit management tool. This proven and flexible module means your payment system is ready to quickly adapt to evolving technology and new payment methods. GALAXIS™ CAGE & CREDIT is a process-oriented solution that has the flexibility to adapt to any casino operation, yet maintains the important, inherent security principles that a cashier solution requires.

    Most importantly, it provides comprehensive risk management. GALAXIS™ CAGE & CREDIT supports internal casino transactions, such as reconciling revenue with slot machines and tables, as well as client activity such as smart card and cash transactions. Operators have the ability to consolidate financial revenues between the cage, credits, slots, and tables.

    Increase productivity and performance, quickly access key information, improve the quality of financial information, and realize the benefits of GALAXIS™ CAGE & CREDIT.




    The wide range of GALAXIS™ MARKETING solutions provides the tools to attract and reward casino players and promote customer loyalty. The system delivers valuable player data to the casino through player tracking as carded players are tracked in real time on slots and tables.

    myGuest™ is the essential tool to allow casino operators to deliver the appropriate level of personalized rewards, services, and player value recognition, all directly on the slot floor.




    GALAXIS™ JACKPOTS centralized jackpot system adds excitement to the gaming floor with tailored jackpots to match your casino’s needs with various jackpot types:

    • Local Area Progressive Jackpots
    • Local Area Mystery Jackpots
    • Wide Area Progressive Jackpots

    As one of the largest wide area progressive (WAP) jackpot providers in the world, our experience translates into top-performing, turnkey WAP systems that integrate seamlessly with cabinets from a wide range of manufacturers.

    Jackpot features:

    • Mystery jackpots with prize or fixed cash amounts
    • Activation for specific periods
    • Payment at EGM as cashable or promotional credits
    • Mystery jackpots based on games played
    • Min bet and max bet eligibility

    Time FEVER

    • Mystery Jackpot activated during scheduled periods
    • Jackpot paid directly to the EGM as cashable or promotional credits

    Game FEVER

    • All players eligible
    • Mystery Jackpots based on games played instead of credits wagered
    • Prize or fixed cash value




    IGT offers a wide range of GALAXIS BONUSING features, divided into Points Bonusing and Jackpot Bonusing features. They can be combined with each other and implemented independently of slot machine types, brands, and denomination; applied to a single machine, a bank of machines, or across the entire gaming floor.

    Bonusing Templates

    • OnTarget FEVER: allows operators to define which casino player segment will take part in a mystery jackpot.
    • TimeBomb FEVER:  allows casino operators to define the number of guaranteed jackpot hits within a given timeframe.

    Instant Rewards

    Rub4Riches™ brings the thrill of instant reward scratch cards to the slot machine on the™ player interface. This new, customizable bonusing tool allows casinos to design targeted campaigns to reward players.

    myPromo™ is the easy-to-use tool to attract players to the casino by sending targeted promotions through SMS or email. Players can redeem their credits directly at the slot on the™ player interface.




    GALAXIS ANALYTICS provides all of the tools to fully understand the dynamics of your gaming floor, monitor player behavior, and identify opportunities to optimize revenue and profits.


    • Slot Performance Analysis
    • Multi-Site Analytics
    • Dashboards


    gameViz is a powerful, easy-to-use, gaming industry suite of products that help casino operators optimize their gaming operations and drive additional revenue and profits from their casino floors and customer base.



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