IGT Virtual Zone™

Offer a New Dimension of Fun

Staying ahead in the casino business today means evolving constantly: Choosing attractions that give your customers engaging experiences, as well as the ultimate thrill of winning.

IGT™ Virtual Zone™ helps you do this by combining next-generation, immersive game technology with appealing prizes in a unique casino package. Offer the latest in entertainment and attract new types of players by running special events and tournaments where players compete for prizes and glory, like in eSport events. With Virtual Reality, the games are fantasy but the winning is real.

The Virtual Reality

IGT’s Virtual Zone comprises both the system that runs the game and the physical stage where players compete: Players enter, put on a pair of goggles - and the fun begins!


  • Easily add as a permanent addition to your casino, or a temporary structure brought in for special events or limited-time engagements
  • Quickly attract a crowd and create a buzz as spectators can watch the action via big screens, and cheer on their friends in eSport-like matches
  • Engage new audiences as friends can get involved and cheer-on players and share the experience far and wide via social media
  • Grow your audience offering games in arcade, event, tournament and eSport mode


  • Flexible stage can quickly switch from one game to another offering a variety of games and content
  • Versatile exterior graphics can be a generic design or customized to game themes
  • Multiple formats available with optional configurations from 2 players and up

Step Into Our World

When it comes to casino, IGT are already masters of the game and the strength of our Virtual Zone offering is in providing a stream of high quality content. Our two Virtual Zone feature titles are SiegeVR™ and ArcheryVR™. In SiegeVR, two players are transformed into medieval knights and together they defend their castle against the approaching hordes. Lasting around 5 minutes, players shoot virtual arrows towards the attackers to earn a combined score and - hopefully – a coveted, prize-winning place on the leaderboard. ArcheryVR sees two players pitted against each other as they try to outdo their opponents score in a target practice game.

Effortless to learn but challenging to win, these games have been designed for simplicity and stickiness. The result is a richly immersive experience where both dedicated gamers, and those with no experience of Virtual Zone, want to play again and again.

In addition, IGT Developers are creating Virtual Zone title from futuristic dreamscapes to arcade sport battles. IGT has also created a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that will extend the game pipeline to third party developers for a larger, more diverse library of content to keep your Virtual Zone offering fresh.

”It is so second nature, it’s like real life. You can pick up a bow and already know how to use it, you don’t have to tell me anything.”

Nick Dodge

The games are fantasy. The winning is real

In the time it takes to put on a headset, your players could become a medieval knight defending a castle, be transformed into a heavyweight boxer fighting for the World Championship, or find themselves inside any number of competitions they’ve only dreamed of...

To learn more about the unlimited possibilities of Virtual Zone for you and your players, contact your IGT Account Manager

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Make Virtual Zone Work for You

There are 2 modes by which casinos can monetize and merchandise IGT’s Virtual Zone technology. Each meets a specific business goal. Plus, they can work together to build an entire Virtual Zone casino marketing program.

Arcade Mode

Players pay by the game. This is an open format that allows anyone to play anytime. It plays for pride, not prizes. It can be used to introduce Virtual Zone to new customers, to allow players to build their skill levels and for general entertainment value. This mode can also be used to enable players to qualify for tournaments.

Tournament Mode

Players buy-in to participate in a tournament, much like a poker tournament. There can be qualifying rounds where top players move onto ever higher tiers. The entry fees fund the overall prize structure, making larger cash prizes possible.

In both modes, purchases and bets can be tied to a player rewards card and can earn points and rewards as you see fit. IGT Virtual Zone has the potential to be integrated with IGT PlaySpot™ to use a mobile wallet funding for hassle-free transactions. Retail merchandise can also be created to help promote the offering and bring in additional revenues.

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