To attract the next generation of players, our Content draws on advanced technologies, our proprietary game innovation process – FutureGame – and a wealth of exclusive licensed content, from our newest instant ticket promotion with international phenomenon The Voice to classics like Wheel of Fortune®.


FutureGame is IGT’s proprietary, powerful, and balanced game-development approach to creating the next generation of lottery-play experiences.

Instant Games

From the latest innovations to time-tested content, from business analytics to warehouse operations. IGT Provides you with the tools needed to grow your Instants profits.

Interactive Games

We offer a complete spectrum of lottery games in digital formats from traditional draw games to quick draw games, instant games, and other casino style options like poker, bingo, and casino games.

Draw Games

Games and players drive our industry. IGT's mission is to help our customers drive responsible, incremental growth through optimizations of existing portfolios and inventing new and innovative content for players' evolving lifestyles.

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