Instant Ticket Innovations

Innovation drives our industry. Our latest instant game innovations include branded play styles, games that will expand the ability to execute at retail, and new products with interactive components.

Play Style

  • Crossword Corners™ and Crossword Connect™

    Crossword Corners and Crossword Connect play styles add a new dimension and increased play value to the traditional crossword game! Crossword Corners™ gives players the chance to win additional cash prizes if they complete the two words which connect in the corners where the grids join. While Crossword Connect gives players the chance to win additional prizes if they complete the single word that connects the two grids.  Your players will immediately recognize the added value and entertainment in these play styles!

  • Linked Bonus

    Linked Bonus is the ultimate scratch and win experience for players. It allows players to enjoy multiple games on one ticket and the opportunity to win bonus prizes when they win multiple games in a linked section.

    Typically, bonus prize features provide a simple "win" or “try again.” Linked Bonus adds an additional element of fun and excitement by giving players the chance to win more when they link several game wins. Linked Bonus offers players multiple near-win experiences, while adding value to your lottery’s low-to mid-tier prize structure.

  • Extended Bonus Play

    Take your players’ favorite games to an exciting new level by adding IGT’s Extended Bonus Play feature. This feature introduces a new dimension to instant games with the addition of a bonus area, which gives players two more chances to win. The best part about the Extended Bonus Play feature is that it can be added to any existing play style. 

  • Head2Head

    Head2Head games capture the most important aspect of modern day gaming – social interaction – and deliver it to players as an instant game. Head2Head games feature two games on a single instant ticket. Players can play simultaneously or by passing the ticket back and forth.

    Head2Head games allow you to choose from Bingo, board games, online games, and many more; grow sales by incorporating new types of products that may not be offered in non-traditional lottery locations; offer social games that engage multiple players and attract larger audiences; and incorporate the “Pass N’ Play” feature into an instant ticket. 

  • Criss Cross

    Criss Cross games feature more matching, more fun, and more excitement for your players. This unique play style allows games to have a better perceived chance to win by featuring all of the prize symbols in the play area. Criss Cross can create multiple near-win experiences on every single ticket, ultimately enhancing the player’s excitement. Your players will instantly recognize the Criss Cross brand as an added value, extended play style with many opportunities to win. 

  • Player’s Key™

    Extended play instant games are more challenging than typical key number match games. Many players enjoy extended play games for their prolonged game play and added excitement. Other players may shy away from purchasing extended play games because of the perceived difficulty of discerning a winning ticket from a non-winner.

    With Player’s Key, players can scratch an area of the game to see whether they have won or not. If they have a winning ticket, they will still need to play to learn how much they have won. By showing players up front that they have a winning ticket, Player’s Key keeps them from missing out.


  • Lucky Sweeps

    With Lucky Sweeps™, you can merge an instant game with an online promotion. Not only can players win cash or prizes on an instant game, but they can win an entry into an online raffle or a second chance drawing if a designated “lucky” symbol is revealed.

    The Lucky Sweeps promotions include Top Prize Promotion which prevents the top prize from being sold out too quickly; Ticket Group Promotion which implements Lucky Sweeps into a family of games and creates a promotion across a product line; and Price Point Promotion which introduces Lucky Sweeps into a particular price point.

  • Event-Based Second Chance Drawings

    Keep your players engaged by offering a second chance drawing on a non-winning ticket. With second chance drawings, players have the opportunity to enter their non-winning tickets online, to win in another drawing, the only difference being that the prize depends on the outcome of a specific event.

    For instance, if your Lottery were to run a second chance drawing based on your local sports team, you would base your prizes on the outcome of the game. Players can choose the specific game the want to play for and be entered into that second chance drawing. 


  • Super Ticket®

    Super Ticket® is an oversized 12 x 16” or 12 x 8” instant ticket that is highly impactful and provides consumers with variety and added play value.  Super Ticket offers players the chance to play multiple tickets on a single sheet, individual games within the sheet can be played and validated independent from one another giving players lots of play value and many ways to win.  Individual games on a sheet can offer unique play features such as play action, top prize, number of wins, and are perforated so that they can be played and easily separated when validating. Super Ticket is a great way for Lotteries to sell multiple price points together, expanding player trial to new price points and promoting gifting opportunities.  Players will immediately see the value proposition as lotteries can add play value by offering for example $25 worth of play value for only $20.  With so many different packaging configurations in terms of number of games offered on a sheet, play actions, themes, and graphics, retailers can build a sustainable program around this unique product as new products are introduced.   

  • Color Reveal™

    Bring your lottery’s extended play games to a new level with IGT’s Color Reveal™!  Color Reveal is a four color process marking system that can be used to create stunning artwork designs over crossword, bingo, or other extended play game areas.  These game areas can be integrated seamlessly into a ticket’s overall theming in new and exciting ways.  Players will love the innovative and eye-catching design options Color Reveal makes possible.  With Color Reveal, the possibilities for extended play games are endless.

  • Glitz™ and Glam™

    It’s your time to shine with IGT’s newest product innovations, Glitz™ and Glam™! Glitz will dazzle your players with added dimension and flair. Enhance your tickets with glitter to increase visibility at retail and create a higher perceived value for customers. Glitz can be added to any ticket, so make your holiday, birthday, and everyday games shine!  Glam adds a fifth dimension of metallic shine that’s been overlaid with color for a brilliant foil look that’s created on traditional paper stock. Glam is a cost effective way to create superior looking instant ticket tickets, exclusively from IGT!

  • Player’s MARK®

    Player’s MARK® is a channel for the color and design of instant tickets. Our printing press varies the positioning of ink dots, producing smooth tones, high-quality image details, and limitless color combinations.

    We print with enhanced resolution, which omits the need for excess materials or processes needed to render transparent layers of color. Player’s MARK allows for the creation of screens – illustrating a variety of ink elements. The patterns of ink elements can form symbols, letters, logos, or security marks. Player’s MARK allows for printing elements that are visible only under a microscope, making it almost impossible to re-create or copy. 

  • Instant Gift Game Holders

    We have created two dynamic packages to hold gift cards – the Instant Game Gift Box and the Instant Game Gift Envelope. The Instant Game Gift Box is an instant ticket that contains four play areas to win cash and prizes. The Instant Game Gift Box is scored so it can be folded into a box.

    The Instant Game Gift Envelope is also scored and can be folded so that a gift card can be neatly tucked in the middle. With convenient “To” and “From” fields, it’s easy to personalize the ticket. The Instant Game Gift Envelope is the perfect size to fit in an ITVM, making it quick and simple for players to pick up a gift on the go.

  • Instant 3D

    Add a new dimension to your lottery’s instant games by producing them in 3D. With Instant 3D, you prove to your players that you know what they want and are willing to deliver it. By producing your instant tickets in 3D, you have the ability to captivate seasoned lottery players and attract the emerging market. 3D glasses can also be added to your order and branded with your lottery’s logo. 

  • Micro Printing

    IGT is intent on protecting the security and authenticity of instant games. Our printing press and plate technology make it possible for the font to be printed in a small size, only visible through a printer’s loupe. In Micro Printing, a printing plate is embossed with a unique pattern, shape, or word, chosen by your lottery.

    Micro Printing reduces concern about counterfeiting tickets because the print size is so small, it is unachievable with most printing presses. Micro Printing also adds a security feature to benday lines by transforming them from regular benday lines to micro font bendays, thereby guarding against a cut-and-paste attack. 

  • Secure Shield

    Secure Shield™

    IGT’s Secure Shield™ solution is a convenient, single-scan keyless validation process for retailers. It involves a specially designed validation bar code covered entirely by scratch-off material. Secure Shield uses a patented cryptographic method to secure the validation data. The method exceeds the security measures of other hidden bar code processes. We can help determine which bar code best supports your lottery needs, retailer terminals, and ticket checking devices. The data in the bar code is useless without being decrypted with Secure Shield’s specially designated algorithm. Secure Shield also eliminates the need to manually enter a pin. 


  • uScratch

    uScratch transforms texting into an interactive and entertaining instant ticket. Leverage the popularity of smart phones with fun and colorful designs to attract your lottery players while keeping them interested with creative content. uScratch tickets can be customized to relate to the customers, topics of the day, etc. You can also add an interactive element by encouraging players to logon to your lottery’s Facebook page to post what their reply text would be. 

  • Cubilete

    Cubilete, Spanish for “tumbler,” is one of the most popular dice games in Cuba and other Latin American countries. The traditional Cubilete game is played using five dice and a Cubilete cup. Each die has six sides with various characters on it, representing points. The object of the game is to roll five of a kind or get the highest hand based on points. Players can roll the dice up to three times but can stop rolling any time after the first roll if they are satisfied with their hand. 

  • Chinese Checkers

    IGT makes it possible for players to experience Chinese Checkers as a single player game in an entertaining new instant game format. In the past, this celebrated game was reserved for 2-6 players. IGT’s Chinese Checkers instant games incorporate the theme of the traditional game with an entirely new element of fun.

  • Pai Gow Poker

    Pai Gow Poker is a popular card game that has been very successful in the Asian market for decades. Its popularity has spread throughout the American culture as well. Pai Gow Poker is known for being a game of strategy and skill,  and IGT has developed an instant win game using the same entertaining play action, multiple ways to win with each hand and multiple games on each ticket. Your players will quickly identify Pai Gow Poker as an added value game with many winning opportunities. 

  • Mexican Train

    Take the classic game of dominoes and turn it up by incorporating the exciting game play and chic designs of Mexican Train. Mexican Train is a game that will appeal to players of all demographics and ages. The success of Mexican Train is evident from its continued success as a best-selling game and its recent popularity as a successful online game and a downloadable phone application. 

  • Cash For Gold™

    The Cash for Gold craze is extremely popular right now as the price of gold continues to skyrocket. Capitalize on this growing trend with one of IGT’s newest microbrands, Cash for Gold, a game that is sure to appeal to the masses. Silver and Gold have long been equated with royalty, quality, and long-term wealth and these gold-themed tickets will be associated with quick and easy cash for your players. History has shown us that gold-themed instant games typically index above average. Combine theme with any one of IGT’s innovative game mechanics and start watching your players cash in. 

  • Bunco

    Bunco is an instant game that has a recognizable brand at a low cost. The game that became popular over a century ago has recently acquired a whole new life with each demographic putting its own spin on the popular dice game. IGT has infused the traditional Bunco game with even more excitement.

  • Frankenstein

    Since the debut of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein in 1818, the character Frankenstein has become legendary – the name is synonymous with horror and the allure of Halloween. Today, his popularity still holds true.

    IGT has created Frankenstein instant games designed for all lottery players. Players can choose from two spooky themes – Frankenstein’s Treasure or Frankenstein’s Castle. The games feature classic game elements and offer extended bonus play action.