Lottery Draw Games

IGT's expert game developers help lottery partners fulfill their mission of growing responsibly and maximizing proceeds to good causes. Draw Games are player favorites and IGT develops new and innovative content by implementing best practices from partnerships around the globe.


A key pillar of many lottery portfolios

Jackpot games are the pillar upon which many lottery portfolios are built. And for good reason – nothing is quite like the excitement of watching a big jackpot rollup, for players and retailers alike. IGT works with our lottery partners to ensure that the jackpot games offered in the portfolio are right-sized to each jurisdiction’s population and player characteristics. At the same time, games need to evolve in order to maintain relevance and player interest. We share the latest jackpot game innovations from around the globe with our customers as they look to create the best possible player experience.

Monitor Games

Providing players with a more social and visual play experiences

Within a lottery portfolio, monitor games are an opportunity for lotteries to provide players with a different kind of excitement: faster win experiences combined with a more social, interactive, and visual play experience. Due to their fast-draw nature, monitor games are often very sensitive to all the details of game construction, with even seemingly minor pay table differences potentially making a difference in how engaging the experience is for players. IGT has been the leader in lottery monitor games going back to the creation of the category, and we bring our experience and passion for these games to the table when helping lotteries get the most out of the category.

Fast Play

A faster draw game experience

Fast Play games are a relative newcomer to the Lottery industry. With Fast Play, the Lottery terminal prints a ticket with all the required play data for the consumer to determine the outcome—no need to wait for a drawing at a later time. From extended play games like Crossword or Bingo, to familiar quick wins such as a Key Number Match, Fast Play delivers variety more easily than traditional terminal-driven Lottery gaming. IGT consistently develops new themes and play mechanics to help keep the category fresh and growing for customers and players. Game categories don’t exist in isolation, however – we balance the delivery of these games with the entirety of the Lottery portfolio in order to maximize the total contribution to good causes for our lottery partners.


An evolving lottery product

Lotteries are in a unique position to offer raffles of a size and scope that exceed what consumers are used to finding with this type of product. IGT closely monitors the evolution of this product line in the lottery space, keeping our lottery partners up to date on what is working – and what is not – as lotteries look to grow the product category. In addition, right sizing a raffle to each jurisdiction is important, and we provide analytics to help each customer find a set of raffle parameters that works for its particular player base.