Lottery Instant Ticket Games

IGT specializes in the fast delivery of high-quality instant ticket games and services as an end-to-end provider. With the industry’s largest, fastest, and highest quality press and the utmost commitment to customer service, we are rapidly changing the face of the instant ticket industry.


Our latest innovations range from new instant games that will expand lotteries’ abilities to execute at retail to exciting mobile and web-based products.

Licensed Properties

IGT is focused on the acquisition of licensed content that can be translated into entertaining and compelling lottery games and marketing programs.

Second Chance

Second chance drawings and promotions are a great tool for driving customer engagement and increasing instant ticket sales. IGT’s portfolio is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of lotteries.

Printing Facilities

IGT invested more than $45 million in its Lakeland, Florida, facility. IGT’s Gallus press sets new standards for quality, throughput, and security, and can print 48,000 tickets per minute and more than 11 billion tickets annually.

Six Pillars of Instant Success

IGT has identified six fundamental factors that drive lottery growth. When lotteries holistically leverage each of the six pillars, synergies develop and growth is accelerated.

Instant Advantage™

A suite of IGT products and services that can be deployed alone or together to maximize revenue from the instants category.