IGT Releases “Beyond Hope: Engaging Players’ Motivations” White Paper

Beyond Hope White Paper

Playing the lottery and the dream of a better future are intrinsically linked. While it’s certainly entertaining for players to wish for a windfall, hope isn’t the only reason that people around the world are attracted to lottery games. Selling the possibility of an easy fortune is not only irresponsible, it is unsustainable, as it is easily abandoned once the final number is drawn or last ticket scratched.

IGT’s new white paper “Beyond Hope: Engaging Players’ Motivations” is designed to enable the lottery industry to evolve beyond hope and the dream to better understand consumers’ needs and emotions in order to attract new players. The study will help lottery marketers and product managers gain a deeper understanding of the primary emotions and need states that drive non-lottery and lottery gaming. 

Download the White Paper here


Gerard Caro is Senior Director of Insights360, IGT’s research division.

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