IGT's Commitment to The Lottery Industry Keeps You Ahead of the Game

IGT's Corporate Sustainability Report

For the past decade, our annual sustainability report has been a chance to share details about how our day-to-day activities support our goal of delivering growth to our industry by modernizing play and operating responsibly in every part of our business. Our independently audited Sustainability Report for 2016 details how we are creating best-in-class solutions that respect both people and the environment, while delivering innovation and excellence to keep gaming fun for all.

“This 10th edition of the Sustainability Report shows how the Company has steadily created greater value for all its stakeholders,” said Marco Sala, IGT CEO. “It demonstrates the way we fulfill our commitments toward our people and the communities where we do business, while putting our customers first as the global innovation leader in the gaming market.”

Here are some of the ways we’re fulfilling our commitments:

Putting Customers First

Customer First is a business philosophy and operating strategy at IGT. It directs our employees to, and guides them in, delivering greater satisfaction to our customers in order to deepen the customer relationship and create the foundation for a growth partnership based on mutual trust. We supply a unique set of lottery solutions to our customers worldwide and carry out strategic partnership programs and workshops to create value for our customers and to foster long-term innovation for the lottery business.

Our Design Partner Program is a partnership effort with a small group of customers who have expressed interest in more radical and “disruptive” innovation within the lottery industry. The program uses an independent innovation process that involves conceptualizing new products and distribution approaches.

The Omnichannel Data Analysis Workshop is designed for lottery customers who operate advanced e-commerce businesses. A topic list is agreed upon in consultation with the attending lotteries. The workshop format allows attendees to discuss and share case studies on the evolution and development of data strategies. IGT facilitates an insightful and inspirational discussion that lotteries can learn from and then adapt to their individual market situations.

Our Research Exchange meetings allow lottery market-research professionals from around the globe to meet and share ideas. Participants are asked to provide a presentation of interest to their research colleagues and to join in multiple roundtable discussions. The goals for these meetings are to offer lottery researchers an opportunity to meet and expand their professional and personal networks; to share and discuss research programs, methodologies, successes, and challenges; to be exposed to new methodologies presented by third parties; and to leave with fresh insight into how to improve market research efforts. Providing foresight into consumer behavior and retailer needs is a key component of the IGT’s Insight Team’s services to lottery customers.

The International Lottery Retail Workshop is designed for customers and IGT to discuss and share case studies on the evolution and development of lottery retail strategies. The typical set of topics on the agenda is broad but focuses on inspiring customers by providing them with insights to consider for their individual markets and plans.

At our International Annual Instant Ticket Workshop, lottery instant-ticket experts from the international region can connect with one another and with IGT experts, share successes and challenges, and discuss best practices. Advertising- and game-design contests during the workshop provide interactive entertainment for attendees, building a peer community. As the gaming industry has evolved, IGT has integrated the interactive channel into the discussions.

Innovating to Drive Growth

IGT is committed to bringing the latest in technology and service innovation to the industry. As a technologically advanced instant game supplier, our printing division and state of-the-art press allow us to provide our customers with high-quality instant tickets, marketing plans, turnkey marketing promotions, and on-trend graphic designs, as well as instant-ticket programming, production, packaging, shipping, and delivery services. IGT is the fastest growing provider for the instant-ticket category and runs the world’s largest instants program–Gratta e Vinci in Italy.

IGT also develops new instant ticket games, licenses new third-party game brands, and installs a range of new lottery distribution devices, all of which are designed to drive responsible sales growth for customers. We provide marketing services such as retail optimization (including product merchandising and display recommendations, and appropriate lottery product mix for each location) and account reviews with our customers to plan lottery sales growth strategies. We are always ready to work closely with lottery customers, lottery sales representatives, and retailers to help retailers sell lottery games more effectively.

Our diverse interactive customer base includes lotteries and B2B iGaming customers. In addition to operating several lotteries in the U.S., IGT acts as the interactive gaming operator in Italy, as well as a mobile casino operator. IGT strictly complies with regulations in the growing list of worldwide jurisdictions where we operates, and we work closely with local regulators to ensure players are always provided with a safe and secure environment

2016 saw the successful launch of our innovative and highly competitive PlaySpot™ solution. PlaySpot enables both lottery and casino operators to offer mobile on-premises wagering to their players. The depth and breadth of the distribution network has made IGT a leader in anticipating and adapting to the regulation of new markets and technologies.

Earning Trust and Delivering Exceptional Service

Our global Field Service Team is responsible for field services for 80 lottery contracts worldwide and is available to assist with terminal provisioning (installs, removals, and relocations), repairs, and all maintenance requirements any hour of the day, 365 days a year. The IGT Field Service Team is unique in the service industry in that it offers a turnkey solution to maintain each piece of equipment, including IGT games, third-party signage, and sometimes a competitor’s equipment.

The IGT Global Contact Center provides 24/7 assistance, information, and procedural safeguards in all global customer bases. The B2B Contact Center helps end users of systems and terminals located in retailer locations and casinos across the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), EMEA, and U.S. regions.

Operating in a highly regulated market, IGT strives to prevent issues that could undermine our customers’ trust. Fraud, money laundering, and match fixing are among the foremost issues that any company operating in the gaming industry must manage effectively, and data security is crucial to running gaming schemes and services, for which all sensitive information must be safely stored and handled. Our Player Services Management team works within the interactive betting and gaming space, providing services and expertise related to Player Account Management (PAM), Fraud & Security, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) analysis, e-Payments, and compliance. Player Services operations are tailored to customers’ needs to ensure high standards in support of their operational needs. The Player Services team works with a wide number of operators in different types of partnerships (B2B, B2B2C, and networks), all scalable and adaptable to suit individual market/operator needs and to comply with local regulatory constraints within different jurisdictions and gaming segments.

Customers rely on the integrity and fairness of IGT’s gaming products. Most of our gaming products are independently reviewed and tested to ensure compliance to established technical standards. Our Product Compliance organization engages early in the product design process, and remains involved with designers through product delivery and support to incorporate regulatory requirements. Given that regulations change, Product Compliance monitors for such changes, identifies potential product impacts, and shares them with internal technical experts.

Responsible Gaming is a vital factor in the lottery industry, and we employ industry best practices and apply international standards to achieve our responsible gaming objectives, which include:

  • Protective tools to address problem gambling.
  • Support for responsible gaming organizations that address problem gambling.
  • Prevention of underage gambling.

We also offer sophisticated technology solutions across all product and channel segments, tailored to each of our customer's regulatory environments and operational needs. Our systems and portals include player protection and security tools to safeguard player interests and address regulators' concerns.

IGT’s 2016 Annual Sustainability Report applies the latest Sustainability Reporting Standards issued by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which are the most widespread international standards used by organizations to report their sustainability impact and performance. These standards require submission and analysis of comprehensive data regarding a wide range of corporate social responsibility indicators. In addition, independent third-party auditors EY have confirmed the reliability and completeness of the information and data presented in the report.

Read the full 2016 report here.

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