Case Study: Amping Up Sales Execution to Fuel Growth

IGT Georgia Lottery Case Study

The Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) is always turning up the volume on sales growth. As the second-largest lottery in the U.S. in per capita sales, the GLC constantly focuses on sales execution to maintain its record-setting sales performance. In the last year, the lottery has been working with IGT at the local Atlanta level and with members of the corporate Retail Sales and Execution Team to deliver a series of programs in support of the lottery’s growth plans.

The initiative covers a wide scope, from sales training to draw-game launch programs, to chain account reporting and planning. Other activities to fine-tune sales execution include an automated corporate scorecard to replace more than 40 manual spreadsheets, a retailer scorecard, and an overhaul of the lottery’s sales manual to provide reps with a single reference tool to answer questions about policies, programs, and activities.

The initiative, driven by the GLC’s Senior Vice President of Sales, Frank Taylor, Statewide Sales Director, Derrick Shelton, and Sales Trainer Allyson Taylor, is featured in a detailed case study in the November/December issue of PGRI.

Download the case study now to learn more.


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