The New World of Personalization

Lottery Personalization

The concept of personalization is being transformed. Notions of data-driven personalization are evolving and are bringing about a consumer-centric world where consumers become increasingly accustomed to products and services that feel specially crafted to match their personal circumstances and requirements, past and present.

Consumers are looking for products to be tailored to their current likes and interests:  55 percent of global consumers agree they would like product recommendations from brands to be better tailored to their preferences. Lottery players are particularly interested in personalization of both products and services; 54 percent of global consumers would be interested in a service that sends recommendations to them for things to buy based on what they have bought in the past, but this rises to 65 percent among weekly lottery players globally, and to 79 percent among weekly lottery players in the U.S.

Global consumer trendspotting agency The Foresight Factory calls this trend “The Me Me World.” They predict that brands will need to talk ever less to the masses and ever more to the individual, with dialogues fine-tuned to reflect the individual’s particular behaviors, preferences, and needs. It is a very broad trend that speaks to a central human need — the desire to receive personal attention — and that cuts across demographics. As a result, brand recommendations will need to be more intuitive and accurate, fed by carefully analyzed data and sophisticated algorithms. It is important to note, however, that as consumers are becoming more comfortable with giving away certain forms of personal data, they are also beginning to realize the value of this data. Seventy-nine percent globally agree that they would like more control over the personal information they give companies, and the way in which it is stored.

The personalization trend can be seen in action in the travel sector, where consumers are seeking services that offer individualized and relevant suggestions to help them build their perfect itinerary. Gone are the days of package holidays for the masses. Going off the beaten track and adapting trips to personal passions, from food to adventure sports, increasingly motivate today’s travelers.

Lotteries can utilize their increasing volume of consumer data to develop personalized prize offers, and experiment online with ways to make the somewhat sterile selling environments of the internet more welcoming by anticipating needs and focusing on personal player interactions.


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