IGT's Sam Yates Shares Her Experience of the Fourth Young Lions Programme

Sam Yates

The 9th European Lotteries Congress in Krakow saw the continuation of the Young Lions Programme, having enjoyed great success in Helsinki, Tel Aviv, and Oslo in previous years. The main objective of the program is to allow young, talented lottery professionals to participate in the congress in a meaningful and innovative way.

At the start of June, I was lucky enough to be selected in the 2017 Young Lions Programme. The 20 Young Lions’ mission was to make strong and innovative recommendations to the EL community on how to tackle issues critical to the future of the lottery industry. This year our challenges were:

1. How can lotteries tap into Augmented Reality to convert young adults into enthusiastic lottery players?
2. How can lotteries harness Big Data to support a positive brand image?

The results of our work was presented to the congress audience as part of the business program at the end of the congress.

Being selected to be the IGT representative for the Young Lions Programme was an honor for me, and from the very start of the process it became abundantly clear that we were being granted unlimited freedom to be creative as possible. Coming from a Services background, it presented me with an amazing opportunity to explore product innovation coupled with some highly focused trend analysis.

We were allocated pre-assignments, which focused our thinking on the two challenges, and upon arrival in Krakow all 20 Young Lions met and were assigned to their teams, then were launched straight into the challenge. A very busy five days followed, conducting research, developing our concept proposal, debating and making selections. I’m pleased to say that there was also a lot of fun added to the mix!

At the end of the business program we were called to present our responses to the challenges to the congress audience and the audience then voted for their preferred concept in each category.
In my team were members of lotteries from Poland, Norway, Switzerland and Bavaria and we worked together very effectively from the start, with each member having complementary skillsets. It was great to get to work and socialize with highly talented and focused Lottery professionals from across Europe and to hear about their experiences within the industry.

Our team was called ELevators, and in our response to the Augmented Reality (AR) challenge, we proposed that lotteries target young adults at football games, festivals, and concerts by selling eInstant tickets through an app and the use of drones via AR. When players spot the drone on their mobile device, they would “snap” it, capturing the image in the lottery app which then releases the option to buy the scratch card. The concept enables lotteries to be truly mobile retailers, as the AR drones would function as the point-of-sale.

At the closing ceremony, my team was thrilled to find that we had won the Augmented Reality challenge. There had been a very high standard of competition and the competition was extremely close. Afterwards, all of the Young Lions went out and celebrated together, all of us feeling fortunate to have been a part of and experience the Young Lions Programme.

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