IGT's Approach to Lottery Modernization

Cashless Payments

IGT’s whitepaper “Achieving Relevance: Modernizing the Lottery Experience” shows that consumers prefer convenient purchase options. When it comes to enabling growth in retail locations, IGT is committed to providing solutions that meet the needs of lottery customers across a wide range of retail, consumer, and regulatory environments.  For example, there is ongoing focus to continue to improve ergonomics, flexibility, and ease of use of traditional lottery terminals as well as implementing more modern consumer conveniences such as cashless payment options. Additionally, IGT is proud to support industry initiatives to standardized processes and procedures that make it easier for large format chains to sell lottery.

When it comes to enabling a more engaging or digital-player journey, IGT is committed to offering a range of solutions to customers who may be at various points along the Interactive continuum. This may begin with the rollout of a mobile convenience application to provide information on winning numbers or allow players to check winning tickets. It can progress to more advanced engagement and wagering with on-premise solutions where players can engage with lottery games on a mobile device in a licensed lottery retail location, which may not require any additional regulation. This can scale up to a full set of interactive solutions including wagering and playing interactive games online within the Lottery’s jurisdiction.

In terms of bringing new solutions to market, over the past six months IGT has collaborated with lottery customers to provide products for pilot programs or full scale rollouts of touchscreen self-service devices, cashless payment options, and an on-premise mobile wagering solution called PlaySpot, which enables consumers to play lottery games via a Bluetooth connection to the terminal.

Finally, in response to the challenge of attracting new players and improving the overall game portfolio, IGT has launched its FutureGame product development system to thoroughly research the next generation of game experiences for lottery players.  IGT is excited to share the first wave of results with their customers and is currently working on the second wave of work which will be tested in six countries.  The first new game that was an output of this process will be put into market later this year.

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