Spanish-Speaking Lotteries Plan for Growth

IGT at CIBELAE 2017 in Panama City

Globally, gaming is facing an influx of new technologies that are driving new consumer behaviors and creating new trends. Recently, IGT joined 134 participants for the Corporación Iberoamericana de Loterías y Apuestas de Estado (CIBELAE) 2017 in Panama City, Panama to discuss how best to embrace these new technologies and harness them to meet new market demands and drive growth.

CIBELAE is an organization that represents all Ibero-American lotteries, which are all Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking lotteries in Spain; Portugal; and North, Central, and South America. The October event was the 16th Annual Congress, which included a solid representation of Ibero-American lotteries as well as regulators, government officials, World Lottery Association (WLA) representatives, and suppliers to the industry.

The Congress agenda was focused on how today’s trends require new business models, and why lotteries need to remove existing borders and limits that define gaming to meet new player expectations. Alvaro Rivas, IGT’s Latin America and the Caribbean Support Director, delivered a presentation to the Congress acknowledging that while growth continues throughout the lottery industry, there is still work to be done. “There are multiple issues that Ibero-American lotteries are facing,” Alvaro said. “For instance, modern legal frameworks are needed to help the region so that lotteries can develop and implement new and successful games and products.”

Alvaro also addressed another concern about the prevalence of illegal gaming and how it continues to steal resources from governments. “It is necessary for lotteries, governments, and suppliers to work together to reduce this activity that plagues the whole region and the world,” he said. “Our goal is to assist all Ibero-American lotteries by offering them our experience, resources, and innovative solutions.”

IGT’s booth at the congress showcased IGT’s Paymaxs 3D augmented reality instant ticket game play.

IGT’s representatives were delighted to meet the lotteries in attendance, CIBELAE’s President and some of its board members, and discuss with them IGT’s role in driving growth among CIBELAE’s members.

Photo (left to right) - Alvaro Rivas, IGT; Roberto Duran, champion boxer and CIBELAE 2017 speaker; Yvonne Rendon, IGT; Edith McCarthy, IGT; Juan Pablo Chadid, IGT

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