Trending 2018: IGT’s Insight into the New World of the Consumer

Lottery Industry Trends 2018

October 2017 saw the annual trends conference from leading trendspotting agency The Foresight Factory. “Trending,” held in London, U.K., welcomed delegates to the new world of #NEVERNORMAL. As centuries-old business models are replaced by messenger apps, and prosperous careers are ended by a line of code, what seemed like immovable consumer truths and life stages suddenly look shaky under the harsh light of the 21st century. Foresight Factory believes it is time to embrace the end of certainty with new rules for consumer engagement. Throughout the conference, they outlined the core drivers of uncertainty that are likely to define the consumer landscape for the coming decade.

The 21st century home is becoming inextricably linked to commerce, brands are engaging with consumers on an emotional level, consumers are shaking off the clichés associated with aging, and tomorrow’s consumer waits in the wings watching YouTube, the dominant ingredient in their digital diet. Foresight Factory’s conference was packed with data and insight to help brands capture the attention and imagination of seen-it-all before, time-pressed, and service-expectant consumers.

Some of the other trends Foresight Factory focused on during the conference included:

  • Engineered Empathy: human engagement in a world expecting emotional intelligence
  • Life in Beta Mode: always upgrading and continually onboarding
  • Latchkey Loyalty: harnessing the free-range shopper

IGT has a long-term partnership with the Foresight Factory. Their data, innovation, and qualitative insights help us to predict future consumer needs and shifts in industry trends, and develop leading strategies and products that are relevant both now and in the future.

Foresight Factory measures 100 universal consumer trends and 200 sector trends using data collected from 50,000 consumers in 24 countries in two waves each year. This underpins their future analysis with science, giving credibility and certainty, and minimizing risk in decision-making. It uses creativity to help visualize trends in action, and brings them to life to make them actionable. Their 400 Trendspotters in 80 markets analyze and add local perspectives; their innovation scanning uncovers disruptive and best-in-class examples across technology, products, services, branding, and communications; and their social media analysis measures volume, key topics, and the tone of emerging themes.

If you’re interested in learning more about consumer trend insights, talk to your Account Development Manager today and let us share some #NEVERNORMAL trends with you.

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