IGT’s 2018 Instant Ticket Customer Workshop


This year, IGT hosted its 11th annual instant ticket customer workshop in unseasonably warm and sunny London. Thirty-four participants from twelve different lotteries came together to share their passion for instant tickets.

As a result of delegate feedback, this long-running workshop has evolved into an event that is customized to their lottery customers’ needs and offers a valuable opportunity to share both product and portfolio information and marketing experiences.

What is interesting in the last few years is how digital eInstants (known as Instant Win games) have gained greater emphasis as part of the overall instant portfolio, both in retail and digital.

During the workshop, lotteries had the opportunity to present their instant portfolio successes and challenges with lively discussions amongst the participants.

As well as the advertising challenges, this year’s participants also took part in a Brainstorm Innovative Games (BIG) challenge. Working in small groups, they designed new instant game concepts in the popular categories of family-of-games and extended play.

Additionally, customers were able to get a glimpse of the new expanded office and printing facility in Lakeland, Florida via a Virtual Reality plant tour.

Feedback following the event praised the workshop and its content, the good atmosphere, the organization and exchanges among the participants, and the contributions of IGT instant subject matter experts.

IGT’s customer workshops, covering Market Research, Omnichannel Data, Instant Tickets, and Retail topics, are by invitation only. If you are interested in joining, please speak to your Account Development Manager.

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