Special Report: 8 Consumer Trends Shaping Lottery Player Behavior in 2018

8 Lottery Player Trends for 2018

IGT has prepared a special report with the global consumer analytics and trends agency Foresight Factory to highlight 8 trends that are likely to influence consumers in the year ahead. Many have direct application for the lottery industry, such as offering new types of pre-play challenges or making use of emerging technologies to deliver more emotionally rich player-interactions. Others are important to keep in mind as they are likely to shape players’ attitudes and expectations.

“The trends that shape human behavior and the way consumers engage with products and brands are vitally important to understand as the lottery industry continues to evolve,” observes Paul Riley, Vice President, Innovation and Lottery Transformation, IGT. “It isn’t always possible to know which specific trend will have the greatest impact on lottery consumers and the industry. But if we’re alert to these factors and collaborate as an industry, we can identify the ones that offer the greatest potential for growth, and work together to maximize the benefit to players and customers.”

Download the report now to learn more.


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