IGT Releases White Paper: “A New Model to Attract New Players”

A New Model to Attract New Lottery Players

Lotteries have an opportunity to engage a large, global segment of non-regular players who say they are willing to consider lottery, with the potential to add about $18 billion annually to the industry. Attracting this group, however, would require different types of game-play and rewards than those that satisfy today’s core players.

A recent international IGT study, Attracting New Players, found that among non-regular players, there are about 249 million globally who can be described as Optimistic Realists. They tend to have a positive outlook on life, but don’t rely on luck to bring them happiness. And while these individuals don’t reject lottery, they don’t think about playing due to their current perception of the odds and of the game itself.

What types of game-play mechanics and rewards would drive lottery consideration for them? A new IGT White Paper explores the attitudes, wants, and needs of this non-regular player segment, offering specific recommendations on how lotteries can evolve the game to connect with Optimistic Realists.

Download the White Paper, “A New Model to Attract New Players” now.

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