IGT Releases New White Paper: “Branding & Communications to Reach New Audiences”

Branding & Communications to Reach New Audiences

A valuable opportunity exists for lotteries to reach non-regular players through new approaches to branding and communications, based on IGT’s recent international study, Attracting New Players. Among non-regular players (an aggregation of light-, lapsed-, and non-players), nearly half of total respondents (47%) were neutral in their perception of their local lottery brand – neither strongly favorable nor unfavorable – indicating that lotteries have a chance to connect with this group in a way that drives positive reconsideration and engagement.

As the industry knows, generating broader awareness is a major challenge, and yet communicating the lottery brand and new game propositions is essential to adoption. One approach outlined in the new IGT white paper, “Branding & Communications to Reach New Audiences,” is to expose this audience directly to lottery within environments or activities where they naturally spend time. Another is for lotteries to collaborate with third-party brands in categories that have particularly strong appeal for non-regular players – such as technology brands – while remaining authentic to the lottery’s purpose.

What other opportunities do lotteries have to meet non-regular players in their world and encourage reappraisal?

To get the full picture, download “Branding & Communications to Reach New Audiences” now.


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