Partners in Growth: Inside IGT’s International Customer Workshops

Collaboration is one of IGT’s core values, and the company’s recurring customer workshops offer a focused and collaborative approach to driving customers’ business growth in areas such as retail, research, and instants. Each workshop brings together lottery professionals for hands-on working sessions, offering a unique opportunity for peers and colleagues to discuss where the industry is heading and to learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

Hosted in a casual setting with an agenda structured to facilitate conversation and knowledge sharing, the two-day exchanges enable IGT to listen deeply to customers’ needs and serve as a connector, fostering ongoing collaboration between participants over the long term. As we look back on 2019, we revisit the three international customer workshops hosted by IGT in the past year.

Insights Exchange – Lottery Marketing Research

From Sept. 24-26, 2019, 16 lottery marketing research leaders gathered in London to discuss research innovations, challenges, and leading practices in an interactive format combining case studies and roundtables. 

“This kind of dedicated market insights exchange isn’t available anywhere else in the industry, and its uniqueness is reflected in attendees’ intense level of engagement and focus at each event,” said Pedro Lopez, IGT Marketing Director. “Our customers are deeply invested in learning and growing, and it’s incumbent on IGT as their growth partner, and as the industry leader, to provide these opportunities.”

The latest insights event covered a wide variety of research topics, including the evolution of customer segmentation. Today, researchers must apply multiple, sophisticated dimensions of segmentation – for example, socioeconomic, psychographic, geographic, and attitudinal segments — to yield rich, targeted data. Attendees also learned how player insights can help inform their responsible gaming programs.

“This was a very valuable meeting,” one respondent noted in a follow-up survey. “It was very well-organized, with a diverse range of speakers all talking on interesting and relevant themes. I learned a great deal about market research over the course of the meeting, and would both unhesitatingly attend again as well as recommend it to my lottery colleagues.”

Several attendees also reported that the small number of participants allowed for more in-depth discussion about the topics. The company’s attendee lists accommodate a wide range of large and small lotteries from around the world. It also ensures the group size is conducive to in-depth discussions, allowing participants to drill deeply into the subjects most important to them.

Instant Ticket Workshop

At IGT’s 12th Annual Instant Ticket Workshop in Bratislava, Slovakia, from Oct. 1-3, 2019, representatives from 11 lotteries discussed their instant portfolio successes and challenges with instants experts from IGT and participated in lively discussions and Q&A sessions.

A key topic was Digital eInstants (also known as Instant Win games), which are gaining greater emphasis as part of participating lotteries’ overall instant portfolio. Fun, fast-paced, and entertaining, these games are an ideal fit for quick mobile transactions.

Another highlight was a focus on the Extended Play category. This category started with games such as crossword and bingo, which offer players a higher perceived value due to their extended experience playing the game. Over the years, Extended Play has expanded into new and varied play styles, and the category now accounts for an average of more than 11% (US data ─ with similar cases in Europe) and up to 20% of a lottery’s instant portfolio.

In all, it was another year of great exchanges, with enthusiastic participants heading back home with some ideas to put into action.

Lottery Retail Workshop

Earlier in 2019, lottery retail managers from around the world joined IGT and a guest speaker from Tesco, the U.K.’s largest retailer, at IGT’s Eighth Annual Lottery Retail Workshop in London. From April 29 to May 1, the 21 participants from 12 lotteries shared their successes and learnings from current retail initiatives, including a discussion about the opportunities and challenges around establishing or updating their in-lane channels.

The retail workshop included a keynote presentation on current retail and consumer trends from Sharon Duncalf, IGT Vice President WLA International, Marketing Operations and Strategic Planning.

Special guest Ian Boden, Tesco’s U.K. Service Operations Manager, Channels, followed the keynote by providing the retailer’s point of view, outlining Tesco’s plans for digital, store, and consumer improvements, and describing what retailers will need from lotteries and vendors in the future to ensure alignment with those plans.

“Our goal is to expose customers to the newest and best methodologies, technologies, and trends in the field, and give them an opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas with each other,” said Sharon Duncalf. “They leave these workshops invigorated with new insights and equipped with a clearer picture of what’s happening at lotteries around the world right now.”

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