Retailer Pro S2

Retailer Pro S2

Pro. Evolved.

Retailer Pro S2 is IGT’s latest evolution in lottery terminals, providing cutting-edge technology for high-volume retailers in a much smaller footprint. Built on the proven design of our Retailer Pro (with more than 155,000 deployments across the globe), it offers increased performance, improved reliability, and an array of options and peripherals to suit the current and future needs of lotteries and retailers.

Small Footprint, Big Results

At just two-thirds the depth of its predecessor, Retailer Pro S2 puts reliability and power in a small footprint. A 15.6” full high-definition (HD) clerk-facing display offers a higher resolution for crisp and clear content, while the high-performing central processing unit (CPU) allows for quick processing times and easy readability.

Flexible Player Engagement Options

Several player-facing screen options offer lotteries unparalleled configuration choices. Options include a 7” or 15.6” pivoting display mounted to the back of the terminal, each available with a touch-capable screen. For even more flexible placement of player displays in proximity to the terminal, 15.6” and 22” screens are also available for pole mounting.

Pro Performance and Reliability

A high-speed contact image sensor (CIS) playslip reader features self-calibrating sensors to minimize maintenance, and passive (fanless) cooling and an external power supply improve terminal up-time and reliability.

For Lotteries

Configurable and Future Ready: A variety of optional player-facing displays, available with or without touchscreens, engage players and open a world of marketing possibilities at the point of sale. Multiple wired and wireless peripherals, including newly designed barcode readers, can be installed and adjusted based on retail environments and the lottery’s evolving needs.

Improved Efficiency: Fanless design reduces downtime, minimizes disruption of ticket sales, and reduces total cost of ownership.

Powered by OpenRetail: IGT’s terminal application lets lotteries easily add new features simultaneously across multiple point-of-sale solutions.

For Retailers

Compact Design: The smaller footprint of this powerhouse terminal frees valuable counter space.

Flexible: Ports on the top and both sides of the clerk-facing display provide flexible, integrated peripheral mounting solutions and eliminate unwanted cabling, also freeing counter space.

Ease of Use: Intuitive, user-friendly, high-resolution clerk interface and improved ergonomics and accessibility to the playslip reader make it easier than ever to process transactions, clear any jams, and perform routine maintenance.

For Players

Interactive: Optional outward-facing peripherals, including touchscreen displays, provide more visibility and control over the transaction. Players can confirm wagers, scan QR codes, and more, from both digital and paper media.

Heightened Point-of-Sale Transparency: Player-facing display can discreetly show correct winning amounts and purchase price for improved player transparency.

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