Our loyalty solution offers lotteries the ability to create their own programs using our flexible IGT Command platform. Players can earn points by registering, logging in, making deposits and playing games. Lotteries can create player loyalty levels with its own rules and calculation methods. Also, because the loyalty program is hosted in Command, lotteries have access to our player account management module or can use their own. Features include the following:​

Flexible Triggers

Numerous types of actions that will trigger numerous types of awards including points, vouchers and cash prizes

Ease of Creation and Management

Enables promotions to be created, edited, cloned, and reused by system administrators

Secure Communication

Notifications can be triggered by events or can be sent instantly on demand both to individual players and to groups of players via email, SMS or push notifications.

Applicability Control

Targeting customized segments, groups, VIP Players for specific marketing campaigns & promotions


Provide as much automation as possible to eliminate manual effort and errors


Promotions performance and the ability discern how to continually enhance them

How players earn and burn points is configurable and flexible. A loyalty points program is an ongoing event that adds to a player's loyalty balance when a qualifying action is completed. Additional time limited campaigns can be layered into the program to earn extra points. Players can use their points for free lottery tickets, vouchers, redemptions for bonus cash and merchandise, all available with simple and straightforward integrations.  

Powered by IGT Interface and Mobile Lottery Solution, players will have the convenience to redeem points for lottery products.​