Aurora Open RetailOpenRetail is a browser-based lottery terminal application that runs all IGT’s current terminals and self-service products. It provides access to lottery games and services at the point of sale.

The browser-enabled graphical user interface (GUI) automatically adapts to screen size and resolution based on a range of parameters established in the software, allowing lotteries to add new features across multiple POS solutions with greater ease and efficiency.

OpenRetail In-Lane

The OpenRetail In-Lane lottery application allows retailers to sell and distribute Quick Pick games through the retailers’ own point-of-sale (POS) system (i.e., not a dedicated lottery terminal). It is a highly scalable, cost-effective solution for multi-lane retail environments. Players get one-stop access to lottery products with the convenience of adding lottery purchases as they check out, avoiding the need to wait in a second line at a lottery desk or machine.

OpenRetail In-Lane allows retailers to provide consumers with lottery products without adding to checkout time or the clerks’ workload. Developed solution meets the NASPL In-Lane API standard.