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The Future: A Passion for Progress

Video Poker is IGT

Written by Trevor Lynch, Video Poker Content Manager

The below article was featured in the 49th issue of the Inside Straight.

What combination of elements makes a wine special? Things like climate, soil, terrain and tradition all culminate to have that ‘something’ you can’t quite put your finger on… In French wine it is called Terroir.

Just like wine, IGT’s Video Poker has its combination of known elements that make our games special time and time again. Our ingredients include people, product and passion, which continually drive our business to be the gold standard among manufacturers.


In an industry with such scope and scale, it is rare to find such a small collection of names that are synonymous with the quality of the product they represent. Nikol Abelman, Shannon Bloom, Sal Lambert, Michael Drummond – collectively, this team of video poker experts has more than 40 years of video poker experience. They are IGT’s eyes and ears on the ground. They help optimize casinos’ video poker floor mix and provide thought leadership that is unparalleled. These Video Poker Product Specialists are dedicated solely to helping your casino achieve maximum profitability and ROI with your video poker games.

The IGT video poker development team is legendary for creating the games you know and love. With an average engineering tenure of over 15 years in video poker game development business, they are the reason our hit rate is so high. These behind–the-scenes contributors are integral to the success of IGT’s video poker, and the combination of experience they bring in is beneficial to both IGT and operators. These keepers of the tribal knowledge help us drive innovation and excellence.


The still “new” IGT is committed to a customer-first approach. This means your feedback will truly be heard, valued, and considered in game-making decisions. With your help, IGT will continue to create compelling video poker and keno games. Our multi-hand product will continue to deliver above house average results. We are busy developing concepts, ready to be exploited and developed to meet market demand.

Of course, there will be a next generation Game King® series, superior bundled multi-hand products, and standalone products that are the next “must-haves”. There will also be changes to functionality within games – making them easier for technicians to set up, and for operators to retrieve game performance data. Much of what to come is proprietary, but you will continue to see us pushing the envelope at this (and every G2E), while remaining true to our legacy. Our war chest is full of new treasures ready to help you win the battle.


We believe in our product. We love our product. We play our product. We lose, and every now and then we win. We share pictures of great hands and stories of bad hands. Video poker is in IGT’s DNA. Video Poker is a cause for those who work in it at IGT.

It’s our desire to collectively make a ‘perfect’ game, while crazily knowing perfection is an ever-receding horizon. We don’t get caught up in Einstein’s definition of insanity. We embrace creativity as paramount to innovation. As long as four to the Royal is out there, we will tirelessly make new ways to find it.

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Video Poker is IGT