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The Present: Cultivating the Product Line

Video Poker is IGT

Written by Nikol Abelman, Video Poker Sales Manager

The below article was featured in the 49th issue of the Inside Straight.

Video Poker is a fascinating product line, and one of the most important ones to IGT. It is our passion, and we are proud to be a vital part of IGT’s legacy within the industry. We have a unique, customer-first approach we take with video poker, which are best experienced during your interactions with IGT’s Video Poker Product Specialists. We are committed to your success by delivering long-term performers within the game theme and cabinet space.

In many ways video poker has evolved and been outwardly modernized, but at its core, the essence of the game remains the same. Now we have digital glass, dongles are used to deliver programs, and game options number in the thousands. Game themes are imaginative and way more fun and profitable than we could have ever imagined back in the red-cabinet, single-hand, single-themed, single-denom video poker days. Your profitability in video poker determines our success. We are proud to offer games that consistently earn 2-3 times house average. Furthermore, we are even happier when you reach out to any of us to help you optimize your video poker footprint.

We have honed best practices with regard to how we interact and interface with players themselves. For all the technological advances we’ve seen in games, one of the most critical components of success in a video poker game is still the comfort, ergonomics and foundation we provide to our players while playing IGT games. Cabinets, button panels, and screen angles are critically important to a game’s survival and success.

While the guts of the machine might have changed, we’ve emulated the comfort and extended play elements of that proven 19” slant cabinet in our Universal Slant cabinet. The button deck is thoughtfully placed to maximize comfort and eliminate arm fatigue. A big improvement in this cabinet is the screen angle, which eliminates glare and creates a more private gaming experience, despite being on a busy gaming floor. Another excellent cabinet is the G20 upright, which follows the player-proven formula described above. Finally, our G20 bar top continues to be a powerful performer throughout the years.

The Jump to AVP

Video poker has been a mainstay on casino floors, and we want to ensure it continues to be so for years to come. Capabilities, features, and system functionality are essential in today’s current floor environments.

Currently, one of the greatest capabilities and benefits provided through our AVP® video poker generation products is the EZ-Setup feature, which has significantly improved the way you verify and generate machine set ups, saving you time and eliminating errors.

Another terrific benefit of AVP® video poker generation games is the compatibility to IGT Floor Manager. Floor Manager is a productivity tool that includes Media Manager and Analytics, which help casino operators remotely market to players and manage their floors. Speak to your Video Poker Product Specialist to learn more.

From a player’s standpoint, the core video poker experience remains the way they want it. The art of making successful video poker products is ensuring we don’t interfere with the elements of the games that have built trust and loyalty with players. Behind the scenes, we are invisibly providing casino customers with advancements and technological innovations that help provide better customer service and marketing, while maximizing revenue opportunities.

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Video Poker is IGT

Video Poker is IGT

Video Poker is IGT