Hot Roll® Sizzling7® - Bingo

AVP - Bingo: 3-Reel 1-Line 2-Credit


Add some sizzle in high denomination.


  • The perfect combination of the highly-successful  Sizzling 7® Slots  base game, and the industry-leading  Hot Roll® bonus
  • When three regular red 7 symbols land on the payline with max bet the Hot Roll® bonus is triggered:
    - Players swipe the screen to roll the dice, causing them to bounce and tumble throughout the top box
    - Credits are awarded, and players continue until two sevens are rolled (two-credit game) or three sevens are rolled (three-credit game)
  • The Hardway Pays Feature awards players with double credits for rolling hardways (2&2, 4&4 etc.)
  • The Back to Back feature awards multipliers for rolling the same number consecutively:
    - Two hardways awards 10X that number s pay
    - The same combination of dice awards 5X that number s pay
    - The same number awards 2X that number s pay
  • Brings new excitement and interactive game play to high-denomination areas
  • A perfect combination of proven math models and the player-favorite Hot Roll® bonus
  • An interactive, physics-driven bonus provides a distinct gaming experience each and every session
  • Placing this game with other Hot Roll® Double Gold Slots 3-reel, single-payline will help ensure optimal performance. Banking this game with penny denomination Hot Roll® games may cause poor performance.


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