Game King® 8.3 - Multi-Game

AVP: Multi-Game


Game King® 8.3 MG AVP Multi-GameNW3

Better than ever!

  • Game King® 8.3 Multi-Game contains the most comprehensive library of single-hand poker themes to date
  • This game set features 45 poker games, 6 video slot themes (three, five, and nine reel versions), 20 keno themes, and two blackjack options
  • New menu screen with tabs on the left hand side for each game family allow players to easily access more games
  • Operator-selectable machine options such as viewable games, denomination, max bet, progressives, top awards, and more
  • Great mix of classic player favorites and exciting new themes
  • Introduces two new video slot themes to the bundle: Siberian Storm® Video Slots and Day of the Dead® Video Slots
  • EZsetup allows for customization based on operator needs:
    -Configure machines with recommended payback percentages
    -Top glass can be customized prior to game selection
    -Main menu and other options set up automatically, providing an optimal multi-game experience
    -Can easily be transferred via USB to additional machines
  • First Game King® Multi-Game bundle with Game Launcher which makes switching times between games and game sets nearly instantaneous
  • Game Group Accounting is built-in, providing meter reads and machine specific performance information
  • All games and features are now on one program number, making installation easier
  • A variety of player needs can be met from a single game set with the Game King® 8.3 Multi-Game suite
  • Part of the proven Game King® Multi-Game brand which provides players with the best single hand poker experience available as well as brand new poker, keno, and video


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