Proof in Numbers

With over 100 worldwide installations to-date and growing, IGT is the proven leader in server-based gaming.

And, here's the reason why: Server-based gaming works. IGT sbX® is the fastest and most cost-effective way to maintain the freshest, most exciting floor. Keep players playing with on-demand content for a more personalized and engaging experience that keeps them connected to your casino brand.

Get Ahead with sbX

Simplify Operations

  • Achieve labor cost reductions and operational efficiencies
  • Reduce game-theme related costs/risks and machine-related expenses
  • Minimize game configuration mistakes

Maximize Floor Performance

  • Optimize networked gaming floor
  • Keep gaming floor exciting with hottest new game-themes
  • Deploy games faster than competitors

Enhance Player Experience

  • Deliver on-demand content to players, when it matters most
  • Give players more choice to the games they want
  • Provide personalize incentives to the right player, at the right time

sbX Casino Solutions

Industry Leading Game Management

Engineered to Game-to-System (G2S) Standards, sbX unlocks the power of networked gaming empowering you to download and configure your floor. Floor Manager™ is the first and only proven solution that empowers casino operators to remotely change the game mix based on market conditions and demographics in order to drive profitability. When used with the AVP platform, you gain access to the worlds largest and best game library giving you the power to enhance your players' experiences by offering the games they want most. IGT sbX Floor Manager Brochure [PDF]

Get Closer to Your Players

With IGT's award winning Media Manager, branding your property has never been easier. Media Manager™ enables you to refresh media displays with marketing messages that target the right players at the right time. Instantly deliver fresh, branded messages and applications to players on the game screen via the Service Window, AVP digital top box glass or to plasma screens deployed throughout your property. IGT sbX Media Manager Brochure [PDF]

Understand the Impact of Your Efforts

sbX Analytics is the market's first analysis tool, based on G2S data, providing you more comprehensive machine performance data than ever before. Access game play data down to the theme or denomination level, and be provided with quick and easy access to hourly performance figures to demonstrate how player behavior changes throughout the day. sbX Analytics™ delivers significant game performance details giving you the tools you need to successfully make real time decisions for your floor. IGT sbX Analytics Brochure [PDF]

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