Top Dollar® Spinning Reel

S2000 - Spinning Reel: 3-Reel, 1-Line, 3-Credit Multiplier

Take the Triple Diamond® theme, one of the most popular slot themes ever, and add the excitement of a top box bonus game and you get the Top Dollar® slot.  This 3-reel, 2- or 3-coin game is sure to win you over.

Game Features

  • 3-reel, 2- or 3-coin game play
  • Triple Diamond® base game

Bonus Game Play

  • Triggered when the Top Dollar® symbol lands on the payline with max coins bet
  • The game offers you up to four bonus credit amounts using the flashing cash symbols in the top box
  • You may choose one of the first three offers or the fourth is given automatically

Top Reel Award

Three Triple Diamond® symbols on the payline trigger the top award.

Also available as:

Game Matrix

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