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USwitch™ Multi-Game


Make the Switch.

With an intuitive game selector and player interface, a deep library of proven themes, stunning visuals, and our best-in-class hardware, USwitch™ multi-game redefines the multi-game experience. Give your players what they’re looking for, and make the switch today.

Benefits and Features

  • Updated design to feature a more sleek and modern look including increased size of game tiles on screen
  • Stunning full HD resolution screens
  • Games are grouped into categories, allowing players to easily find their preferred game
  • Game categories also enable players to find new games that are similar to their favorites
  • Fast loading times
  • Huge content library
  • Market specific attuned content

Available Game Categories

Innovative Games

  • New and exciting games with innovative features that keep play fresh and new for your players

Number Games

  • Classic number games for players who enjoy games with higher stakes

Poker Games

  • Traditional poker games with higher stakes that appeal to traditional video poker players

Entertainer Games

  • Entertaining games packed with exciting features to keep players engaged

Jackpot Games

  • Exciting games that appeal to players in search of big money jackpots

Fruit Games

  • Simple, classic fruit games for players who enjoy fewer paylines and higher stakes

Gambler Games

  • Games designed for your true gamblers

Classic Games

  • Classic games designed to help players rediscover their old favorites

Fever Spins Games

  • Exciting games that feature 4 reel sets to play simultaneously during Fever Spins

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Product available in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean only.
Not available in the USA, Canada and UK.