Price Is Right® Video Reel Featuring Plinko™, The

Game King - Video Reel: 5-Reel, 9-Line

Nail-biting video slot excitement reaches a fever pitch in the latest addition to The Price Is Right Video Slots series of games. The Plinko video slot features new bonus game play based on one of television’s most popular game shows.

Get ready for more 5-reel, 9-line, 45-coin excitement with this Game King® theme that offers new thrills! This stunning machine with its attractive reel in the top box features two action-packed bonus games. The voice of show announcer Rod Roddy and authentic theme music on our enhanced sound system complete this amazing package.

Plinko™ Bonus

Big bonus credits await the player in the Plinko bonus, which starts when three Plinko Bonus symbols land anywhere on the second, third and fourth reels. The player starts the bonus with one Plinko chip, and tries to accumulate up to three more chips by choosing three products from groups of two on the screen. The more chips found, the more chances to rack up big credits on the Plinko board.

After collecting chips, the player indicates where to drop each one by touching the top row of the Plinko board. The chip ambles its way down the board and drops into a slot, revealing the credits won.

Showcase Showdown™ Bonus

The Showcase Showdown™ bonus is triggered when three Showcase Showdown™ symbols land on the first, second and third reels of any payline. Just like the final round of this popular TV game show, the player receives up to two spins of the top-box reel for a chance to play the main round.

If the spins result in 55 to 100 credits, the game’s stage is set for some big bonus fun in the Showcase round. The player wins the total spin amount multiplied by the line bet if the total value is not over 100. Otherwise, the player receives a consolation prize. If the spins result in exactly 100 credits, the player receives an extra spin of the reel that could be worth even more bonus credits.

In the Showcase round, players pick on-screen price tags, which reveal credit values for the prizes in both showcase prize packages. Some tags add extra bonus credits to the prize packages’ value, and one tag is a multiplier that multiplies a showcase’s value up to five times. When the player reveals the values for all of the prizes in one package, the game awards the package’s total credit value to the player.

The game awards an over-the- top jackpot when five The Price Is Right symbols land on the ninth payline with a maximum bet.

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Game Matrix

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