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GTECH, the largest global lottery business, and IGT, the world leader in the gaming equipment space, are merging to create the world's leading end-to-end gaming company. By adopting the IGT name and GTECH's visual identity, we're melding two iconic brands into one. Together, we'll be uniquely positioned to provide the government-sponsored and commercial gaming industry with proven solutions across the entire continuum of products and channels.

By combining our resources, expertise, and experience, we will help grow and shape the future of our industry. Through a combination of new technology and innovative content, we will be a valuable partner to customers the world over, delivering exciting gaming experiences – commercial gaming, lottery, interactive, and social – through every channel, including retail, web, and mobile.

Best-in-class content. Expert insight on convergence. Industry-leading R&D. Superior financial strength. The most efficient manufacturing in the industry. The most flexible, secure, and robust systems on the market. New gaming possibilities for anytime, anywhere. A bold, player-centric vision of the future. All driven by our Customer First focus – a commitment that continues as a core value. Stay tuned as we share more details of our Winning Combination in the weeks to come.


Price Is Right™ Spinning Reel Featuring Cliff Hangers™, The

Famous Games > Price is Right, The

Enjoy plenty of nail-biting game show excitement with The Price Is Right
game, featuring the Cliff Hangers bonus.  Authentic music from the show, voiceovers by the ever-popular Rod Roddy and exciting animation take youto the set of this popular game show.

Cliff Hangers Bonus

  • Start the high-altitude fun when three Cliff Hangers symbols land in any position on the second, third and fourth reels
  • Pick up to three price tags to help the yodeling climber up the mountainside
  • Each tag reveals the number of steps the mountaineer takes in his quest toward the jackpot summit - more credits are awarded the higher he goes
  • If the climber goes over the edge, consolation credits cushion his fall

Showcase Showdown™ Bonus

  • Showcase Showdown™ symbols on the first, second and third reels of any payline trigger big bonus round action
  • You'll receives up to two spins of the top box wheel - just like the popular TV game show
    • Spin up a total of 55 to 100 points to advance to the main Showcase Showdown™ bonus round and win the total spin amount multiplied by the line bet
    • Spins over 100 points receive a consolation prize ending the bonus
    • If the spins result in exactly 100 credits, you'll receive an extra spin of the wheel that could be worth even more bonus credits
  • In the main round, you'll pick on-screen price tags to reveal the credit value of prizes in the showcase prize packages, extra bonus credits, or a showcase value multiplier
  • Reveal all of a showcase’s prizes to win its total credit value times any multipliers found

Top Reel Award

When five The Price Is Right symbols land on the first payline with a maximum bet, the game awards the top award.

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