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Enjoy plenty of nail-biting game show excitement with The Price Is Right
game, featuring the Cliff Hangers bonus.  Authentic music from the show, voiceovers by the ever-popular Rod Roddy and exciting animation take youto the set of this popular game show.

Cliff Hangers Bonus

  • Start the high-altitude fun when three Cliff Hangers symbols land in any position on the second, third and fourth reels
  • Pick up to three price tags to help the yodeling climber up the mountainside
  • Each tag reveals the number of steps the mountaineer takes in his quest toward the jackpot summit - more credits are awarded the higher he goes
  • If the climber goes over the edge, consolation credits cushion his fall

Showcase Showdown™ Bonus

  • Showcase Showdown™ symbols on the first, second and third reels of any payline trigger big bonus round action
  • You'll receives up to two spins of the top box wheel - just like the popular TV game show
    • Spin up a total of 55 to 100 points to advance to the main Showcase Showdown™ bonus round and win the total spin amount multiplied by the line bet
    • Spins over 100 points receive a consolation prize ending the bonus
    • If the spins result in exactly 100 credits, you'll receive an extra spin of the wheel that could be worth even more bonus credits
  • In the main round, you'll pick on-screen price tags to reveal the credit value of prizes in the showcase prize packages, extra bonus credits, or a showcase value multiplier
  • Reveal all of a showcase’s prizes to win its total credit value times any multipliers found

Top Reel Award

When five The Price Is Right symbols land on the first payline with a maximum bet, the game awards the top award.

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