High 5 GamesLucky Horse™ Video Slots

AVP: 6-Reel, 466-Line, 4,500-Credit

You picked a winner!

  • Horizontal expanding wilds create engaging game play
    -Connected Lines® award more line wins with a lower cost-to-cover
  • This 5-for-1 math model allows one credit to buy five lines with a total cost-to-cover as low as 90 credits
  • Three trophy symbols trigger a Free Games Bonus
    -Every free game pays an average of more than 600% when all lines are covered
  • Only IGT offers MLD® technology, which creates a truly engaging 3D gaming experience
  • Placing this game with Figaro® Video Slots, White Falls® Video Slots and Charleston® Video Slots helps drive optimal performance
  • This game is also available as a Game Changer base game

Game Matrix

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