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Introducing a bright new star in our Galaxy.

The Quasar™ cabinet is the new highlight in the IGT™ product family. Featuring a sleek and modern look, paired with ergonomic design and state-of-the-art technology, it will set a new benchmark in the VLT market segment. Quasar’s optimized footprint and robust implementation make it ideal for placement in various types of gaming locations; while the dual 23” multi-touch displays and 10.1” digital button panel are sure to give players the ultimate gaming experience. Simply stated, the streamlined look is designed to attract players.

Cabinet Features

  • 2 x 23“ TFT with 16:9 aspect ratio in Full HD resolution
  • Multitouch with “tough touch” glass on main screen
  • 10.1” multi-touch TFT button panel with 16.9“ aspect ratio
  • Optional 21.5” marketing display
  • Ambient lighting
  • Optional drink holder
  • Sturdy construction, as all key components are made from metal or aluminum

Ergonomic Aspects

  • Cabinet height optimized for sitting or standing in front of the cabinet.
  • Screen viewing angle, as well as the position of the screen, is well adapted for players of varying heights.
  • Optimized distance to the screens for viewing while still close enough for comfortable use of the touch screen.
  • Buttons and button deck display are positioned for optimal comfort so that players can use the controls while resting their hands on the deck.
  • Large footrest for additional comfort.



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