Skilled Pursuit of Change.

IGT University

The Keys to Success Are at IGT University

Systems and games are constantly evolving—we ensure you and your team’s knowledge evolves with them.

To maximize returns and player enjoyment, a more educated operator is a more effective operator. The operator who benefits the most is the one who knows how to use, support, and optimize emerging technology and the new class of Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs).

Why Prepare for an IGT Certification program?

  • Operator: Appreciate the skills and efficiency that a certified IGT technician can bring to your business.
  • Technicians: Greater knowledge and skills make you more valuable to your employer and increase job satisfaction.
  • Career Changers: Get certified training straight from the world’s most successful slot machine and casino systems manufacturer.

A Knowledgeable Workforce

  • Expand employees' skills
  • Quantify and prove capabilities
  • Get new employees off and running, quickly
  • Groom employees for career advancement within the organization
  • Reward outstanding employees

Why Training Works

  • Increase revenue with employees capable of optimizing existing systems and IGT EGMs
  • Decrease EGM downtime with first-touch, in-house resolution
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve the player experience
  • Optimize existing technology for increased revenue
  • Knowledge to hire and retain the best employees
  • Heighten employee morale
  • Gain a solid recruiting differentiator

Slot Technical Certification Program

Proper service, maintenance, and optimization of Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) is critical to player satisfaction and successful gaming operations. This certification program offers classes covering new and existing product lines for floor personnel, slot technicians, and bench technicians.

Systems and Operations Certification Program

The ability to optimize every aspect of the software systems running on your floor is a key factor in realizing a competitive advantage and maximizing efficiencies. Classes cover every aspect of IGT systems and offer a complete education from our corps of experienced instructors.