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S3000® Classic

It’s time to get reel about performance.

As the industry leader in mechanical spinning-reel games, IGT understands that every detail matters to high-denomination players. To continue looking forward and producing industry-best results, we’ve focused countless hours improving the S3000® cabinet experience. Together, we’ve created what players have been longing for – a true classic.

From customer visits to comprehensive S3000® game performance metrics, one of our most important findings was that high-denomination players show an affinity for our older S2000® gaming machine. We’re moving forward by looking to the past for inspiration, incorporating those legacy elements that high-denomination players enjoy most about the S2000® cabinet into our new and improved S3000® Classic hardware and software conversion packages.

Benefits & Features

  • Legacy game elements support the classic spinning-reel experience:
    • S+ reel spin and credit rollup sounds
    • Crisp and expansive paytable layout
    • Payline win indicator
  • A more refined lighting package for player sensitivity:
    • Darkened reel glass
    • Darkened financial panel
    • Classic black handle
  • Cabinet side lighting creates a more elegant presentation for the player with sleek, subtle pin striping
  • Reel lens pieces feature softer lighting designed to complement the overall presentation:
    • Game-specific lens pieces are also available for optimal placement opportunities
  • Progressive attract sequencing in the top box as well as jackpot meter support
  • Built-in external USB charging port:
    • Players can charge their phones or other USB-powered devices at the machine for extended, uninterrupted play sessions
  • To support S3000® Classic cabinet conversions, player-favorite titles are available to deliver on high-denomination player expectations

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