INTELLIGEN Central Management System
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INTELLIGEN™ Central Management System

Government Sponsored Central System

INTELLIGEN™ equips Lottery Operators with the technology required to manage their networks strategically while providing their players with the optimal gaming experience.

Accounting Module provides the ability manage all aspects of the system with financial integrity and reporting along with the ability to produce and adjust invoices and perform electronic funds transfers (EFTs) for each retailer or venue.

Event Tracking provides the ability to track, record and report security exceptions and Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) events by VLT or site providing the ability to act on events affecting the integrity or security of the network.

System Security is provided through system redundancy with off-site, backup, proven transaction processing and monitoring tools capable of system, network, or site issue notifications, security at the user and group levels with encrypted data between the VLT and the system.

Network Availability is optimized to ensure continuous VLT operations in the event of a communication loss with the Central System, by recording all transactions on the local site controllers that can resume process after a drop in communications, without transaction loss.


Optional Value Added Services

Distributed Game Management controls the selection, scheduling, distribution and auditing of games and downloadable software packages to VLTs at remote retail sites. It significantly reduces operating expenses associated with manually changing games on thousands of machines in the field, increases revenues through faster introduction of new games including pre-launch testing to validate performance.

Player Services Manager is required to support player-centric applications including Multiplayer Gaming, Account Based Play, Player Loyalty and Rewards and Responsible Gaming. Players register with the Lottery once, and are provided a unique player identifier for all their gaming needs. Players services are accessed through a browser based Player User Interface (PUI) window on the VLT.

Multi-player Gaming is a Player User Interface (PUI) based Wide Area Progressive Jackpot offered via G2S compatible VLTs. Any G2S compatible VLT independent of manufacturer may be linked under a single progressive umbrella controlled by INTELLIGEN.

Player Loyalty and Rewards is an account-based system allowing the Lottery operator to offer players an affinity program. Lotteries have the ability to group and tier players, personalize messages and marketing promotions. Players may earn points for certain activities defined by the Lottery such as setting play limits or completing a marketing survey.

Account Based Play “Cashless” provides players the ability to establish a monitory player account with the Lottery to pay for game play. A player card and PIN is used to access the account allowing the player to pay for wagers and collect winnings electronically via the VLT or site controller.

Responsible Gaming provides a set of flexible tools to facilitate players’ informed choice about their gaming activity and voluntary management of their own play behavior. This account based solution allows players to set monetary and time limits, view their play history and self-exclude from play.

Advanced Business Intelligence is a data warehousing, business analysis and reporting system specifically designed for decision management in a lottery enterprise. Executive, Marketing and Operational dashboards help to quickly identify trends and provide actionable insights to improve the business performance of each individual game, video lottery terminal and retailer in the network.

Visualization Analytics is a toolset enabling analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. Lottery operators can quickly spot trends by bringing large amounts of data into clear focus to help make more informed decisions.

Proactive Diagnostics monitors the operational health of the lottery enterprise equipment, manages field maintenance logistics and provides predicative analysis to maximize end-to-end system availability. Geographical analytics on the status of all equipment in the network is provided so operators can easily identify any failures. Early indicators provide the opportunity to streamline field service calls reducing cost to repair while increasing revenues by reducing game downtime.