Mystery of the Lamp

On the all-new, player-tested PeakCurve™49 cabinet

Wishes bring riches in this Multi-Level Progressive that combines the popular perceived persistence feature with the proven Lock and Respin bonus.

Mystery of the Lamp is available on PeakSlant49 in EMEA & LAC
Mystery of the Lamp is available on PeakSlant49 in EMEA & LAC

Benefits and Features

Players can trigger the Mystery of the Lamp™ Bonus with any combination of one to three active features. Both themes feature a Jackpot Bonus that can grant multiple jackpot wins in one round, plus a persistence feature that builds anticipation on every spin. Get them now on the player-tested PeakCurve™49 cabinet, offering a perfectly optimized play experience that’s built for comfort.

Every gem symbol in the base game builds up perceived persistence genie bottles and can trigger the Mystery of the Lamp Bonus with one to three features active. Each active feature powers up Lock and Respin bonus play.

The Mystery of the Lamp Bonus is played with 30 independent reels when the Jackpot feature is active, giving players more locations to collect gem symbols and power up the bonus. Players collect icons for chances to win all jackpot levels. Maxi, Minor, and Mini jackpots can be awarded multiple times!

Any bonus triggered with only Ignite or Double (Treasure Oasis). Boost or Collect (Enchanted Palace), or both features active can be upgraded during bonus play. Inactive gem feature symbols appearing on the bonus reels may activate their feature for the duration of the bonus.

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